Wax on wax off

Freshly waxed again. I think however that my beautician is taking a strange liking to me. Not something I really want to encourage though. I was getting my eyebrows waxed and she kept stroking my hair which is quite short and was certainly not in the way. If it happens again I’ll sweep my hair and say “is my hair ok? Is there wax in it?”

I have a few plans for next weekend now. I’ll be selecting a nice outfit for a wee drive. I want to wear a silk teddy, hold ups and a dress. Not sure what shoes yet.

Looking forward to it.

DTG xxx


New Year, New Me…. sure.

I’d like to say that in the new year I’ll be a new person, trying to put behind me all the bad bits and concentrating on the goodness.

I know that won’t happen, so I won’t even pretend.

I want something from this year, life is rushing away from me, when I was young,  had it all before me but now it seems I’m heading straight into a life of responsibility and planning. I want the spontaneity back. I was to get out dressed again. Go to a club as my femme self. Lose weight to fit back into my sexy get up again.

2018 is the year it’s going to happen.

If I have to live a life of planning and such, I’m planning on getting fit, sorting my health, my wealth and love my life as a trans-person.

I’ve dabbled in the thought of anti-androgens to block my hormones in the hope that it may stop me bring too masculine, but I think instead I’ll speak to a counselor about it and hopefully live more of a life as a woman.

Happy New Year to us all!

DTG xxx



Most of this story is true, some of it isn’t. I’ll let you imagine which is which. 
I don’t often get to spend a day on my own, my other half is a teacher so is always off, or so it seems. It means a day off for me to spend by myself is a rarity.

The last bank holiday before Christmas was fast approaching and it was one of those rare events when I would have the day to myself. The schools were back and most places would be quite quiet. I decided to plan a few activities while at dressed up. I wanted to head to the woods nearby wearing a dress and lingerie under my male clothes, strip down to my dress and put on my heels. I would wonder about a bit then pleasure myself before heading home. 

Things didn’t quite work that way.

I was freshly waxed and excited for my adventure. Monday morning came and I was up early, a good scrub in the shower and a very close shave, then time to get dressed. I carefully slipped into my nude hold ups, making sure that the lace tops were even and in place. Next was a black silk thong, a very short black satin half slip and my green satin dress. I figured that wearing green would help hide me in the forest. I applied as much makeup as I could get away with in public, hoping to add more when I got to the woods. I packed my wig in my rucksack and slipped my heels in there too. I carefully put my male clothes on over my dress and headed out. It was still before 9am but I didn’t see anyone during the short walk to my destination. I spotted 1 dog walker in the woods but he wouldn’t be anywhere near the secluded area I was going to. I stumbled through the overgrown woods following an unused path until I got to the place I wanted. It was secluded and protected by trees on all sides with a solid grounding. I slowly checked out the whole area as best as I could before undressing out of my male clothes and putting on my heels. I put on my lipgloss and fitted my wig. I was so hard by now that I had to touch my cock through the thin satin of my dress. My hands wandered all over my body and under my dress. I was soon masturbating myself, my dress around my waist, my knickers round my knees and my slip pulled up. I was so engrossed in my pleasure that the noise I was making no longer bothered me. I didn’t care who saw, but knowing full well nobody was anywhere near. 

That was until I heard “hello there!” behind me. 

I spun round, pulling my dress down and trying to pull my thong up. It was the dog walker. ” no need to do that honey” he said. I sorted myself quickly and looked for an escape route. “Can I help you?” he said, slowly unzipping his jeans. The look of confusion on my face must have been clear for him to see. “Maybe we can have some fun?” He said. 

Curiosity had gotten the better of me and I let him approach. ” you are so sexy” he said touching the front of my dress. “Thank you” I replied. “I’m Becky”. 


I helped him pull his jeans down a bit and he eased his cock out of his underwear. He was wearing a par of black lace knickers and a big grin on his face. I smiled and he guided my hand to it. He hardened quickly and I slowly masturbated him. I could tell he wanted to kiss me but I wasn’t sure so I avoided that and instead concentrated on his cock. It was much bigger than mine. “I want you to suck me” he said and I willingly crouched down in front of him. I took as much of his hot meat in my mouth as I could. Sucking on him and licking him. He he groaned in pleasure and I felt his cock pulse in my mouth. I made a lot of noise, moaning as he fucked my mouth. His salty pre-cum leaking from the tip of his huge manhood. “I want you” he murmured pulling his very wet cock from my mouth. My pink lipgloss down his shaft. He lifted my dress and pulled my thong down. He moved my slip up and turned me around. I could feel him proding my entrance, I was willing him inside me. “I need lube”. He seemed well prepared as he covered his penis and my virgin opening in lots of lube and started to push inside me. It was sore at first but I wanted him inside me. I pushed back “good girl” he said as his full length forced its way into me.

He fucked me gently. Sliding in and out of me as I held on to a tree for support but his enthusiasm soon built. He was speeding up and I loved it. My own cock was rock hard as I masturbated. The feeling of my prostate being massaged from within by a monster cock was bliss. He was holding my hips now as I bucked against him. “Oh god” he kept repeating as he fucked me harder and harder. “I’m going to cum” he grunted as he pulled his cock out of me and finished himself off. He came. Hard. So much cum. It shot up the back of my dress, covering me. I heard it’s splatter as it hit my bum and felt the hot cream hit the tops of my legs. It was dripping off me in to my holdups. Spots were dropping onto my knickers now round my ankles. I was still masturbating and turned to face him. He dropped to his knees and licked my hair free balls. My cock erupted in orgasm. More hot creamy man cum jetted from my own cock onto the front of my dress. My mouth instinctively opened as some spunk hit my lips and chin. The rest spreading over my dress in thin arcs. My dress dropped over my cock as I stood up, a fresh stain of cum spreading on the inside of the hem of my dress.

I was soaked in cum, front and back. I loved it. He smiled and gently kissed me. It was lovely. I parted my lips as our tongues gently met. As we parted  he smiled again and pulled up his knickers and jeans before turning on his heels and making a quick exit.

There was too much cum on me to dress over my female clothes so I had to strip off. I carefully put away my heels and wig and got redressed before balling up my cum soaked dress, holdups and knickers. 

Everything washed up well. I’m tempted to take another days leave to see what happens next time. 

DTG xxx

Dream guys

I had hoped to go for a drive on Sunday night given it was a holiday Monday. However we had decided to go for a picnic on Monday during the day to have some fun together outdoors.
It meant I was feeling a little sexually frustrated on Sunday night and this lead to some pretty filthy dreams that night.

In my dream I was dressed as well as I could be. My makeup was all done and my wig was well fitted. I was wearing an ivory silk full sleeved blouse, a black silk camisole, a black silk pencil skirt, black sheer lace top holdups, back silk thong and black patent leather high heel shoes.

I was driving home late at night when the car started to make a funny noise, it shook and conked out on a deserted road in and industrial estate. I didn’t have breakdown cover so I had a quick look to see what the problem was but I dint want to ruin my manicured French polished nails. I saw some head lights in the distance and thought I was possible enough so I’d try to flag down the vehicle to help.

The van stopped and out stepped some androgynous rather faceless men in loin clothes. (You see where this is going, don’t you?) They we’re looking at me and touching me, 5 or 6 of them. Their hands were all over me, touching me and kissing my neck. Slowly lifting my skirt and pulling their loin clothes off, pushing their hard cocks against me.

Then she stepped out of the van. A vision. Her back pvc skirt, matching basque, fish nets, high heels and red flamed hairs. “STOP” she shouted and the men backed off.

She approached me and looked me up and down. She slowly kissed me, just a brush of the lips, enough for our lipgloss to meet.

She clicked her fingers and the men came back to me, kissing me, touching me and lifting my skirt. My thong was pulled down and my hard cock sprung free. They were touching me making me moan with pleasure, stroking my cock and one even started licking me, gently sucking my balls.

The woman seems to direct the men on what to do. She slowly approaches and ties a silk scarf around my cock, telling me not to spoil it.

The men are now penetrating me, a hard cock slides inside me, I have a cock in my mouth and one in each hand. I’m pulled to the ground which seems to turn into a massive bed. They are all over me, pulling at me, fucking me, spit roasting me. Then they start to cum. I get a load of creamy cum in my face, in my mouth, it’s dribbling down my chin. One guy cums in my ass, his load pouring out of me, soaking my hold ups and knickers which are still round my knees. They are cumming on me, slacking my blouse and skirt. I’m bathed in their hot creamy mess and loving it.

The woman approaches and takes the scarf of. It’s sticky with my pre-cum and she tuts, shaking her head slowly. She wipes the cum fro my face and kisses me, sucking my tongue into her mouth. She pulls up her skirt and lies back. I slowly enter her, sliding so easily into her. My rhythm speed up. She moans in excitement as she rubs her clit, making herself cum. I feel her pussy tighten around my cock, aware of the cum dripping from my blouse on to her basque and the spunk dribbling down my skirt and hold ups.

I can’t hold back and cum hard inside her. Filling her with cum, spurt after spurt. I pull out and my cum floods out of her. She has one of her men clean her up and they head back to their van before driving off.

It is around that time when I wake up with a rock hard cock in need of some attention.

DTG xxx

Love in the wilderness

This morning I had a good scrub in the shower followed by a very close shave. I sorted my eyebrows and made sure my toes were nicely painted.

I slipped into my nude coloured silk teddy and some nude lace top hold ups before putting on a shirt, trousers and some hiking boots.

My other half put on a sexy bra, matching g-string and put on trousers, a top and her hiking boots.

We were going on an adventure.

We arrived at a large open renewable energy windmill site that stretched for miles and miles through forest and over hill. It was our first time but we planned on having a little fun when out for a walk. I lifted the rucksack onto my back, first checking my high heels were not going to dig into my back.

We set off, quite late in the afternoon where most folks were heading back to the car park, heading home for dinner or afternoon tea. It was about 3 or 4 miles before we got to where we wanted to be and where we would have some fun.

We sat for a while enjoying the peace and quiet, but also to make sure we really were alone. We were like school kids, excited and nervous. We started kissing, slowly at first, but soon we were undressing each other and faster than I expected I was in just my lingerie and high heels with my other half slowly sucking my cock. We swapped places and I pulled her g-string to the side as I licked her clit and fingered her soaking wet pussy. “Make me cum” she gasped as I licked, sucked and fingered. She moaned in pleasure as she came on my face. Her wetness dribbling down my chin.

We kissed some more before she pulled out the lube and my dildo. It slipped inside me so easily and I rode it hard, stroking my cock harder and harder. I gasped as my orgasm enveloped me and spurt after spurt of hot creamy spunk exploded from my cock on to her face.

We cleaned up, cleared away our mess and re-dressed. It was a satisfying walk back to the car.

DTG xxx


Busy night

Friday night was drive night. Regular readers will know that I like to get made up and dressed up on a Friday night and go for a drive. I stop in a country lane or deserted business park and then have a walk. Usually before long, my knickers are round my ankles, my skirt or dress is round my waist and I’m cumming on the pavement.

So I got my makeup on, just some light mascara, eye shadow and lipgloss. I picked my outfit and got dressed. Normally I wear something demure but sexy on the colder nights. A silk maxi dress, or satin midi dress. This Friday I went full slut and wore a micro mini skirt, black sheer lace top hold ups, black satin heels, and a white square necked chiffon layered top. My skirt didn’t really cover very much and I declined to wear knickers.

I went to my usually haunt to get the male clothes I’d worn over the top of my femme clothes off only to notice a new cctv camera on the side of a nearby building. I decided to move on to another place and managed to get my femme clothes sorted out and my heels on.

For some reason it was very busy on Friday in my village. A lot of cars about which kind of freaked me out a bit. I’ve only once been caught in the headlights of another car when dressed but they sped off as quickly as they could. I drove to the area where I normally have my fun only for yet another car to drive past me. I racked my brain for other areas nearby that I could use to finish things off and even went to check them out. More cars. More cctv. Not good

Eventually I went back to my usual haunt and checked out the nearby business to see what was going on incase there were more cars. There were but nobody about and all lights out. I took the risk and went up to the road when I normally sat, under the lamppost that hasn’t worked for nearly a year. I sat for what seemed like ages before stepping out of the car. I decided to leave my door wide open in case I needed to use it to hide behind. I started my walk, enjoying the click of my heels on the ground. I reached under my tiny skirt for my cock and slowly masturbated. I was getting very excited by now, enjoying the feeling, enjoying the click of my heels. I undid the ribbon round my skirt and was preparing to let my skirt fall to the ground when I spotted what I thought was a fox behind the car. I stooped down to avoid being seen as I investigated. It was a man walking towards me.

Thankfully my door was open and he was far enough away from me probably to not see what was going on. I slipped my jacket back on and used the door to hide my stocking clad legs and mini skirt. I got back into the car and quickly drove off.

I didn’t managed to get myself off that evening, disappointing really. I just hope that I am not losing my secret paces to do my thing at.

DTG xxx


I’ve been reading a lot of trans erotica recently, and I’ve noticed that it is the same story repeated every time. Basically the man meets the trans person, doesn’t know, finds out but is very tuned on, suddenly becomes bi-sexual to suck off the trans person then they have sex. The only things that seems to change is the location and what they are wearing.

It got me thinking about my own stories though and my own life seems to mirror this. The only things changing are the clothes and the location. I go through the same routines, the same sexual urges and the same eventual conclusion.

Is life that predictable for us?

What I really want to do is go out more to trans friendly places but I still feel I am not passable enough. I still feel I’d be laughed at in the situation and that ultimately I’d be rejected. An outcast from “normal” life and shunned by other trans people.

I think that may because I find dressing has once more become a sexual thing rather than something I enjoy or feel normal doing. But is that something that I can control and change or is it a cyclical thing in life just like the stories that cycle through new locations.

I find myself entering a phase in life wher I’m questioning my own very existence, but more specifically my trans side. Do we ever satisfy our self doubt?

DTG xxx

Quiet time

It’s been a quiet time for me these past few weeks. I’ve not had the inclination to dress as much as normal and even underestimate at work has not been very appealing. I know this slump is nothing to worry about, I know I’m not out growing cross dressing, I’ve just had other things on my mind.

I’ve been very tired recently too. I think something has been working on me, I’m not my usual grumpy self. I did end up having surgery recent too, just day surgery but still, never pleasant. Perhaps that coupled with some money worries and the need for a clear out have gotten me down a bit. Money worries are a constant thing for most I’m sure, I’m trying to find ways to cut back and save a bob or two. I noticed my spending was getting out of control. I spent £40 on coffees this past month alone. Insane for a hot drink so at work I’m on a jar of instant and a 40p bottle of milk. Car insurance is due soon, house insurance is due, ex wife champing at the bit for child maintenance, at least there is no council text for 2 months until it goes up for next year. I live in Scotland and our government has decided not to pass on increased tax allowances that the rest of the UK will get in order to have more money to spend on public services. It annoys me that I will pay £400 a year more than somebody doing the same job in England and as a result some big fat lazy turd gets to upgrade their sky to to the full package, or some lazy single mother can get rid of their child into child care for longer so she can watch more Jeremy Kyle. Sickening. 

I best sign off before I go on a rant.

Yours in silk, DTG xxx

Friday at home

I’m home working today in a bid to complete a document on time, but I’m having a hard time pulling myself away from the distractions on my own PC and female wardrobe to get on with things. I think it is perhaps because it is not something I would normally write myself, but the company is taking a shortcut to get it done.

Anyways what it does mean is that I’m sitting here at my home office, in a pair of black hold ups, black office skirt, black satin slip/underskirt, ivory silk blouse and gold high heels. I’ve attempted some make up and I’m currently finding out about the wonders of chatterbate.

i had never seen anything like it before, a web site dedicated to webcam session where folk play dirty on screen for your “tips”. Some will do certain things for a specified number of tips, some just seem to like to show off.

I must admit, there is a distinctive bulge under my skirt watching it!

Now that Christmas is out the way and the long slog that is January is nearly half way over, I’ve gotten back into a healthy eating plan. I’ve lost 24lbs so far since last year which is delightful. I have a lot of dresses and lingerie that didn’t really fit after putting the pounds on. No though, most do fit and I’m taking advantage. One thing I’ve noticed though is that I’ve turned into a bit of a collector of dresses and lingerie. Some items I have in my lingerie drawer for example I love to try on, but I don’t want to ruin it by wearing it for the day. I really need to get out of that mindset. There is no point in spending a lot of money on silk lingerie just to look at it and then find out a few months later that it is too big for you now. But how do I defeat that attitude? The only way I can think of, is to make sure I wear the lingerie or dresses a lot and make sure I enjoy wearing them. One of my re-occurring New Year Resolutions is to go to a club with my other half whist dressed. Maybe it’s time to do it for real!

DTG xxx