I had a weird dream last night. I always have really dirty dreams when I’m horny and last night was no exception.

My partner in the dream suggested that we get dressed up, she would do my makeup and hair and we would go to a trans club for a good laugh and some drinks.

I selected a gorgeous satin halter neck dress, nude hold ups and silver strappy shoes. She did my makeup and hair and we jumped in a taxi off to the club. It seemed normal, unless you can a room full of gays, lesbians, bi sexual and trans folk drinking and having a good time ab-normal. We got chatting with a few folk and my partner was getting very flirty with some of the others and that annoyed me a bit. She said we should go through to the next room then and see what was going on.

A sex show was going on as it turned out. You know how dreams tend to jump around, or perhaps it is our perception and memory of dreams that do this to us, however in the dream I was suddenly on stage with a naked man in front of me and one behind me. I was on all fours with my dress hitched up and suddenly I had a cock in my mouth. It was a shock but delicious. Before I knew it I had one inside me from behind and I was being spit roasted by two well hung guys. My partner was kissing and fondling other men and women and laughing as me being fucked front and back.

The dream kind of jumped about a bit, or at least my memory of it does. The next part I remember if the two me cumming, the one in my mouth had a condom on but the one behind did not. I remember his cum dribbling out of me and soaking my holdups and dress in spunk. It was running down my legs and making my dress stick to me. I loved it.

I awoke with a hard on and I think after writing this and recalling the dream, I need to do something to relieve myself.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


Toilet doors and secret meets

When I was 17 I started my first job. It was in a local factory which was not too far away but not quite walking distance. The receptionist used to drive past the main road near my parents house and so offered me a lift each morning as long as I was at a specific place at the right time to get picked up.

I was infatuated with her immediately. She was tall, with dark curly hair and brown eyes. She wore very traditional office wear, skirt, tights heels, blouse and jacket generally. When she was driving she usually had her skirt hitched up a bit to prevent catching it in her heels I suppose. That of course led to me finding out she also wore underskirts. Something I absolutely adore. For a short time I even used her name as my own femme name in honour of her.

One particular day I had borrowed my parents car who were away on holiday. On the way home from work I stopped at the local park in need of a comfort break. I headed into the toilets and my eyes were opened to secret meets using messages on the cubicle doors and walls. I couldn’t believe it. People looking to meet transvestites, gay people, or just for some fun in the woods together. I must find out where this meeting place is I thought. It wasn’t too long before I figured it out and realised it was some woods about 1/2 a mile away on the other side of the park. I had to see this for myself. I was of course expecting to see loads of couples in some mass orgy but in reality, I saw nobody.

The following day I took some femme clothes with me to work, intending to stop at the woods again on the way home. I dressed in the toilets at work in a sating camisole and matching knickers set in blush pink, a pink suspender belt and white stockings. I put my male clothes over the top and headed to the park. Within a few minutes I was at the woods hoping for some action. I opened my shirt a little, showing my camisole off and I was rubbing myself through my trousers. I was so turned on. Sadly I only saw a few dog walkers on the other side of the woods. No action today. I spend the next week on and off heading to the woods to see if anyone was there. Still no luck. Maybe the toilet doors were all for show and nobody really met.

On the last day that I’d have the car before going back to getting lifts, I headed to the woods one last time. This time though there was something going on. I had on my purple camisole and knickers set and black opaque holdups. I had also “borrowed” some shoes of my sisters this time. I noticed a couple of people looking suspicious and heading into the woods together. A man and a woman. Perhaps I might not get any of my own action but perhaps I could watch. I lost them though quite quickly in the trees and thought my luck was out.

“Hi” came the voice nearby. I turned to see the woman again. Only it wasn’t a woman, she was a transvestite, fully dressed with makeup and wig too. “So young” she said. “You here to see me?”

“Eh, I think so…” I said as she approached. She took my hand and we slipped further into the woods to a more secluded area. She tried to kiss me but I pulled away, unsure of what to do. “No kissing, eh?” She said. “That’s ok.”

She slowly undid my trousers and I let her drop them to the ground. She squealed in delight as she saw my knickers and holdups. I opened my shirt to reveal more and stepped out of my trousers to put my shoes on. She gently slipped her hand up my knickers, taking my cock and started to wank me off. It was delicious. Before long she was on her kneed with my knickers round my ankles. “Always safe” she said as she rolled a condom on me. I couldn’t believe it as she kissed my cock before taking my in her mouth. It was so hot, I nearly came there and then. She sucked me off for what seemed like ages before I grunted and filled the condom with hot spunk. “MMMmm delicious” she said standing up and my dick slowly went flaccid. I cleaned up and turned my focus on her. I did much the same as she did, slipping my hand in her knickers and wanking her off a bit. She didn’t even last as long as it took to pull her knickers down and I felt a flood of warm sticky cum on my hand and inside her knickers. “Sorry.” She said, and produced some wipes from her bag. We cleaned up and I headed off.

I went there a few times but never saw anyone again. I did stop there fully dressed sometimes to masturbate. It was fun times.

As for the job, well…one drunken night I kissed that receptionist and managed to stroke her inner thigh but that was as far as we went. She was married and that was that. I left soon after to pursue a new career.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

Fairy woods

As previously said in my blog entry Whats your favourite I told you that the humble silk teddy was my favourite peice of lingerie.

When thinking of stories to add to this blog, I recalled a time when I was wearing a particularyl sexy white satin teddy, with elasticated waist and spagghetti string straps. I was also wearing a white satin suspender belt and white stockings. All of course under my trousers, shirt and jacket.

I was 17 and in my final year at school. A year where I didn’t have too many subjects and I had managed to slip under the radar with it. Most days I had what were reffered to as free periods which was supposed to be a time to study in the library, or use the gym, or engage in activities approved by the school. I managed to get a number of free periods through the school week that ran consecutively and basically I had a friday afternoon off. This particular story happened on a Monday afternoon, just after the lunch period when I didn’t have a class.

I slipped into the toilets in the school and got dressed in my teddy, suspender belt and stockings before heading upto an area known locally as the fairy woods. No idea why. The woods were easy to get into via a long path that went between some houses and the woods themselves ran inbetween the back gardens of the houses. I was pottering about in there when I noticed I had company and quickly hid. I recognised the maroon blazer from a different local school but the person wearing it was a girl. Probably of my age and certainly not who I was expecting to see creeping about the woods. I watched closely as she moved quietly around, looking rather guilty. It was an odd feeling watching a girl when she had no idea I was there.

Eventually she seemed to hid behind some trees which from my point of view she was in plain sight. She hitched up her skirt, pulled her tights and knickers down and proceeded to have squat. I thought she was about to have a pee. It was pretty disgusting to be honest but I kept watching and realised that she was not infact having a pee. She was masturbating. I couldn’t believe it and was instantly hard. I stroked myself through my trousers, daring to open them a little to stroke my cock through the satin of my teddy. She finshed herself off and let out a whimper as she came, before pulling her kickers and tight back up, and sorting her skirt. Just like the cliche of a movie, I decided to shift my weight and a twig snapped under my foot.

She was like a rabbit caught in the headlights as she spun round seeing my with my trouser flys open and my hand covering my hard on. It was clear I had been watching her so she basically casually walked up to me and asked me if I’d enjoyed the show. She was so sure of herself and I was so nervous, she obviously picked up on this and took control. She moved my hand and touched the bulge in the front of my trousers. She was a little confused to see and feel the satin of the teddy. She asked what on earth I was wearing and I was feeling stupidly confident. “Nothing” I said. She was not confinced and started touching more, trying to feel what I was wearing before figuring out I was wearing lingerie.

To cut a long struggle and long story short, she convinced me to show her what I was wearing in return for her touching me and before long I was standing in nothing but my lingerie with her hand round my cock. It was the first time a girl had ever touched my dick and I was in heaven. It was a struggle not to cum right there and then on her but she took her time and slowly started to wank me off. I pulled her in and started touching her bum through her skirt at first but soon I pulled it up and slipped my hand down her knickers.

It was too much for me and I was very soon after spurting jets of hot creamy cum. She giggled as it dribbled onto her hand and she wiped it on a nearby tree. I think I’d have cum again had she licked it.

She quickly turned and left, giggling and saying “Bye sissy”. I stood for a moment or two before dressing again and making a swift exit.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

News of my World

As a kid I used to deliver newspapers in a pretty well to do area on the outskirts of my city. At first I really hated it but it was money in my pocket that I was not used to. It helped my buy that bike I wanted, that Atari STe I wanted and as I soon discovered it was a good way to dress in a place where I could never really be caught by my parents. Something that tended to happen regularly.

I was up for 6am, dressed and down to the news agents by 6.30 to sort my papers and get ready to roll. By 7am I was delivering. In the summer time I was usually quicker. The sun was up and I was on holiday from school and things seemed pretty good. In winter however, especially on those dreary wet winter mornings, that was when I could have some fun.

There were a few things I used to do. Some days I’d wear a nightdress or underskirt under my clothes when out and about. I’d love the feeling of it rubbing against me, teasing me with its silky pleasure. Quite a lot of the time I’d wear knickers and an underskirt under my jogging trousers and I’d play with the silkyness with my hands in my pockets. I recall once I was touching myself and masturbating through my joggies while wearing knickers and an underskirt when the door I was delivering to opened and the woman stepped out to take the paper from me and offer me a mince pie (near Christmas). She was wearing a baby blue satin chemise and her robe was barely closed. I was hard and had been playing with myself. The result was of course what any 14 year old would expect. I came in my knickers. Hopefully she didn’t notice!

Being so young I didn’t really have a wardrobe of feminine clothes I could call my own. However one weekend I was in town with a female friend of mine who was shopping. I spotted a sexy short black floaty skirt whilst she was trawling through the rails. She nipped into the changing room and I quickly bought the skirt. Thank god for paper round money, it was £5. 1/3 of my wages at the time.

51zzgK1f1vL._UL1000_ (1)

The newsagents opened at 6am normally and the day I wanted to try something new on my round I was there before 6. So was the owner and by 06.03 I was out of the shop and cycling hard towards my first delivery. I had come prepared and in my bag was one of my sisters jackets, under my joggies was my skirt and I was wearing a pair of black opaque holdups. (Don’t ask how I got them and I’ll tell you no lies) and black satin panties. Under my own jacket was a silk top I had recently acquired. Once I arrived at the first house I quickly changed jackets and popped the hood up. I quickly slipped out of my joggies and slipped on a pair of my sisters kitten heel shoes I had also “borrowed”. Shit, was I really going to do this? It was still pitch black in the middle of winter. Nobody would see me surly and if they did would they think it was a real girl delivering papers?


I plucked up the courage and started my round. My heels clicking louder than I really wanted them to do. Next time I’d wear flats. I loved it, out full dressed as a girl, in my kitten heels, holdups, skirt, a top and jacket. I was so turned on as well. Near the end of my run was a cul-de-sac of flats and garages with a few houses on the street too. I knew I could get behind the garages unseen and relieve myself. I stood there, my hands up my skirt, knickers round my ankles, masturbating. The cold winter breeze tugging gently at my skirt. I came quite quickly, spurting more come than normal and suddenly realising I didn’t bring tissues. Another thing to remember for next time.

It wasn’t the last time I would find myself behind those garages and it wasn’t the last time that a “girl” delivered the papers for me. Only in the winter time though. The darkness was, and still is my friend.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

What’s your favourite?

I’m a transvestite. Its a simple yet powerful statement that either makes other feel disgust towards you, curiosity or plain hatred. Once it even lead to a sexual encounter in the woods, but thats a story for another day.

Like most trans people, I love to dress as often as I can and everyday I wear something that remonds me of who I am and makes me feel as feminie as possible. Sometimes that is simply a pair of knickers under my jeans, sometimes it is my favourite item of lingerie which provokes the most enduring of memories when I wear it. My favourite peice of lingerie is the teddy.


For as long as I remember I’ve loved wearing them, feeling them, touching them, and seeing others in them. They are for me one of the ultimate feminine peices of lingerie that no other lingerie comes close to. I love them. I own 4 teddy’s today, all of which are silk. 2 are dove grey, 1 is white and another is pink.

I sometimes wear them to bed but more often than not I wear them as underwear. They are so sexy and feel great against my skin, especially when freshly waxed and there is no gaustly manly hair on me. If I could only wear 1 feminie thing for the rest of mt life, I’d choose a teddy. What would you wear?


Dirty Trany Girl xxx

Early memories of a neighbour

A story I like to recall sometimes, revolves around my neighbour when I lived at home with my folks and was 14 years old. I was a very horny 14y/o and my neighbour was a young (early 30’s) blonde air hostess. She was married with young kids but I was in “love” with her.

The story I recall was a turning point in our “relationship” that changed a few things and eventually lead to a few other situations I’ll tell you at a later point.

This particular story begins on a hot summer day when I was hanging with my pals. We decided to go swimming and for some stupid reason I packed a pair of pink satin knickers in my swimming bag. My mum who was gardening that day checked my bag for me and found the knickers and that was that. Swimming was off, I was grounded and I had to pretend to my pals I was feeling ill.

As part of my punishment I was told by my mum to help our neighbours who had taken delivery of a stack of patio flag stones. They were moving them from the front of the house to the rear and laying a new patio area. I was offered as help, a strapping young lad and the slabs were moved within the hour. The patio was down within 3 hours and it was time for dinner.

A few weeks went by and my neighbour invited me over to her house for a BBQ with the rest of her family and few friends to say thanks for helping with the patio. It was a sunny day and she wore a yellow sun dress that was a bit see through, and a pair of strappy high heels. I struggled to hide my hard on when ever she spoke to me. She smelled so good.

My folks were out so when I needed to use the bathroom and had to ask my neighbour to use theirs. In her bathroom however was a washing basket and on top of it was a pair of knickers and a bra. My hard on went into overdrive. I couldn’t help but touch them, pick them up, smell them SD_02_T81_6304P_GU_X_EC_90and then touch myself.

I couldn’t help myself, before I knew it I was furiously masturbating, rubbing her lingerie over my cock and getting ready to cum.

Of course unknown to me my neighbour
was wondering where I was and had started to come up the stairs to see where I was. In the excitement of finding her lingerie I hadn’t shut the door properly and just as I reached my climax she walked in. It must have been quite a sight, her 14y/o neighbour wanking off over her lingerie on her bathroom floor, staring up as her in shock of being caught.

UnfortunateSD_02_T81_6304A_GU_X_EC_90ly I had reached my point of no return and and climaxed in front of her. An arc of hot cum shot towards her, landing on the hem of her dress and splashing on her leg, I spurted again and again, trying to stop but more cum hit her legs and feet before I caught the final dribbles on her bra I was holding.

There seemed to be a moment of silence before the chaos hit. “You dirty little bastard” was what I think she said before I managed to pull up my jeans. She told me in a low angry voice to “get out now” which I duly did.

I have no idea to this day if she ever told her husband what happened. I suspect not given that it was never brought up. It was a defining moment in how my neighbour saw me and how I saw her. It lead to a few more stories that I’ll tell you soon.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

Fresh beginings

I closed my old blog down in a purge to rid myself of clutter and unused space. I miss it. The purpose of that blog was to vent my feelings in longer prose than Twitter would allow. This blog however is more of a memory lane place for me to remember my escapades from my earlier years as a transvestite, trying to find her way in the world, and trying to find herself.

This blog will contain stories of a sexual nature and explicit material of my journey as a transvestite. If you don’t want to read it, time to move on.

OK are they gone? Good… Then we can begin…….

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx