Early memories of a neighbour

A story I like to recall sometimes, revolves around my neighbour when I lived at home with my folks and was 14 years old. I was a very horny 14y/o and my neighbour was a young (early 30’s) blonde air hostess. She was married with young kids but I was in “love” with her.

The story I recall was a turning point in our “relationship” that changed a few things and eventually lead to a few other situations I’ll tell you at a later point.

This particular story begins on a hot summer day when I was hanging with my pals. We decided to go swimming and for some stupid reason I packed a pair of pink satin knickers in my swimming bag. My mum who was gardening that day checked my bag for me and found the knickers and that was that. Swimming was off, I was grounded and I had to pretend to my pals I was feeling ill.

As part of my punishment I was told by my mum to help our neighbours who had taken delivery of a stack of patio flag stones. They were moving them from the front of the house to the rear and laying a new patio area. I was offered as help, a strapping young lad and the slabs were moved within the hour. The patio was down within 3 hours and it was time for dinner.

A few weeks went by and my neighbour invited me over to her house for a BBQ with the rest of her family and few friends to say thanks for helping with the patio. It was a sunny day and she wore a yellow sun dress that was a bit see through, and a pair of strappy high heels. I struggled to hide my hard on when ever she spoke to me. She smelled so good.

My folks were out so when I needed to use the bathroom and had to ask my neighbour to use theirs. In her bathroom however was a washing basket and on top of it was a pair of knickers and a bra. My hard on went into overdrive. I couldn’t help but touch them, pick them up, smell them SD_02_T81_6304P_GU_X_EC_90and then touch myself.

I couldn’t help myself, before I knew it I was furiously masturbating, rubbing her lingerie over my cock and getting ready to cum.

Of course unknown to me my neighbour
was wondering where I was and had started to come up the stairs to see where I was. In the excitement of finding her lingerie I hadn’t shut the door properly and just as I reached my climax she walked in. It must have been quite a sight, her 14y/o neighbour wanking off over her lingerie on her bathroom floor, staring up as her in shock of being caught.

UnfortunateSD_02_T81_6304A_GU_X_EC_90ly I had reached my point of no return and and climaxed in front of her. An arc of hot cum shot towards her, landing on the hem of her dress and splashing on her leg, I spurted again and again, trying to stop but more cum hit her legs and feet before I caught the final dribbles on her bra I was holding.

There seemed to be a moment of silence before the chaos hit. “You dirty little bastard” was what I think she said before I managed to pull up my jeans. She told me in a low angry voice to “get out now” which I duly did.

I have no idea to this day if she ever told her husband what happened. I suspect not given that it was never brought up. It was a defining moment in how my neighbour saw me and how I saw her. It lead to a few more stories that I’ll tell you soon.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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