News of my World

As a kid I used to deliver newspapers in a pretty well to do area on the outskirts of my city. At first I really hated it but it was money in my pocket that I was not used to. It helped my buy that bike I wanted, that Atari STe I wanted and as I soon discovered it was a good way to dress in a place where I could never really be caught by my parents. Something that tended to happen regularly.

I was up for 6am, dressed and down to the news agents by 6.30 to sort my papers and get ready to roll. By 7am I was delivering. In the summer time I was usually quicker. The sun was up and I was on holiday from school and things seemed pretty good. In winter however, especially on those dreary wet winter mornings, that was when I could have some fun.

There were a few things I used to do. Some days I’d wear a nightdress or underskirt under my clothes when out and about. I’d love the feeling of it rubbing against me, teasing me with its silky pleasure. Quite a lot of the time I’d wear knickers and an underskirt under my jogging trousers and I’d play with the silkyness with my hands in my pockets. I recall once I was touching myself and masturbating through my joggies while wearing knickers and an underskirt when the door I was delivering to opened and the woman stepped out to take the paper from me and offer me a mince pie (near Christmas). She was wearing a baby blue satin chemise and her robe was barely closed. I was hard and had been playing with myself. The result was of course what any 14 year old would expect. I came in my knickers. Hopefully she didn’t notice!

Being so young I didn’t really have a wardrobe of feminine clothes I could call my own. However one weekend I was in town with a female friend of mine who was shopping. I spotted a sexy short black floaty skirt whilst she was trawling through the rails. She nipped into the changing room and I quickly bought the skirt. Thank god for paper round money, it was £5. 1/3 of my wages at the time.

51zzgK1f1vL._UL1000_ (1)

The newsagents opened at 6am normally and the day I wanted to try something new on my round I was there before 6. So was the owner and by 06.03 I was out of the shop and cycling hard towards my first delivery. I had come prepared and in my bag was one of my sisters jackets, under my joggies was my skirt and I was wearing a pair of black opaque holdups. (Don’t ask how I got them and I’ll tell you no lies) and black satin panties. Under my own jacket was a silk top I had recently acquired. Once I arrived at the first house I quickly changed jackets and popped the hood up. I quickly slipped out of my joggies and slipped on a pair of my sisters kitten heel shoes I had also “borrowed”. Shit, was I really going to do this? It was still pitch black in the middle of winter. Nobody would see me surly and if they did would they think it was a real girl delivering papers?


I plucked up the courage and started my round. My heels clicking louder than I really wanted them to do. Next time I’d wear flats. I loved it, out full dressed as a girl, in my kitten heels, holdups, skirt, a top and jacket. I was so turned on as well. Near the end of my run was a cul-de-sac of flats and garages with a few houses on the street too. I knew I could get behind the garages unseen and relieve myself. I stood there, my hands up my skirt, knickers round my ankles, masturbating. The cold winter breeze tugging gently at my skirt. I came quite quickly, spurting more come than normal and suddenly realising I didn’t bring tissues. Another thing to remember for next time.

It wasn’t the last time I would find myself behind those garages and it wasn’t the last time that a “girl” delivered the papers for me. Only in the winter time though. The darkness was, and still is my friend.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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