What’s your favourite?

I’m a transvestite. Its a simple yet powerful statement that either makes other feel disgust towards you, curiosity or plain hatred. Once it even lead to a sexual encounter in the woods, but thats a story for another day.

Like most trans people, I love to dress as often as I can and everyday I wear something that remonds me of who I am and makes me feel as feminie as possible. Sometimes that is simply a pair of knickers under my jeans, sometimes it is my favourite item of lingerie which provokes the most enduring of memories when I wear it. My favourite peice of lingerie is the teddy.


For as long as I remember I’ve loved wearing them, feeling them, touching them, and seeing others in them. They are for me one of the ultimate feminine peices of lingerie that no other lingerie comes close to. I love them. I own 4 teddy’s today, all of which are silk. 2 are dove grey, 1 is white and another is pink.

I sometimes wear them to bed but more often than not I wear them as underwear. They are so sexy and feel great against my skin, especially when freshly waxed and there is no gaustly manly hair on me. If I could only wear 1 feminie thing for the rest of mt life, I’d choose a teddy. What would you wear?


Dirty Trany Girl xxx


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