Fairy woods

As previously said in my blog entry Whats your favourite I told you that the humble silk teddy was my favourite peice of lingerie.

When thinking of stories to add to this blog, I recalled a time when I was wearing a particularyl sexy white satin teddy, with elasticated waist and spagghetti string straps. I was also wearing a white satin suspender belt and white stockings. All of course under my trousers, shirt and jacket.

I was 17 and in my final year at school. A year where I didn’t have too many subjects and I had managed to slip under the radar with it. Most days I had what were reffered to as free periods which was supposed to be a time to study in the library, or use the gym, or engage in activities approved by the school. I managed to get a number of free periods through the school week that ran consecutively and basically I had a friday afternoon off. This particular story happened on a Monday afternoon, just after the lunch period when I didn’t have a class.

I slipped into the toilets in the school and got dressed in my teddy, suspender belt and stockings before heading upto an area known locally as the fairy woods. No idea why. The woods were easy to get into via a long path that went between some houses and the woods themselves ran inbetween the back gardens of the houses. I was pottering about in there when I noticed I had company and quickly hid. I recognised the maroon blazer from a different local school but the person wearing it was a girl. Probably of my age and certainly not who I was expecting to see creeping about the woods. I watched closely as she moved quietly around, looking rather guilty. It was an odd feeling watching a girl when she had no idea I was there.

Eventually she seemed to hid behind some trees which from my point of view she was in plain sight. She hitched up her skirt, pulled her tights and knickers down and proceeded to have squat. I thought she was about to have a pee. It was pretty disgusting to be honest but I kept watching and realised that she was not infact having a pee. She was masturbating. I couldn’t believe it and was instantly hard. I stroked myself through my trousers, daring to open them a little to stroke my cock through the satin of my teddy. She finshed herself off and let out a whimper as she came, before pulling her kickers and tight back up, and sorting her skirt. Just like the cliche of a movie, I decided to shift my weight and a twig snapped under my foot.

She was like a rabbit caught in the headlights as she spun round seeing my with my trouser flys open and my hand covering my hard on. It was clear I had been watching her so she basically casually walked up to me and asked me if I’d enjoyed the show. She was so sure of herself and I was so nervous, she obviously picked up on this and took control. She moved my hand and touched the bulge in the front of my trousers. She was a little confused to see and feel the satin of the teddy. She asked what on earth I was wearing and I was feeling stupidly confident. “Nothing” I said. She was not confinced and started touching more, trying to feel what I was wearing before figuring out I was wearing lingerie.

To cut a long struggle and long story short, she convinced me to show her what I was wearing in return for her touching me and before long I was standing in nothing but my lingerie with her hand round my cock. It was the first time a girl had ever touched my dick and I was in heaven. It was a struggle not to cum right there and then on her but she took her time and slowly started to wank me off. I pulled her in and started touching her bum through her skirt at first but soon I pulled it up and slipped my hand down her knickers.

It was too much for me and I was very soon after spurting jets of hot creamy cum. She giggled as it dribbled onto her hand and she wiped it on a nearby tree. I think I’d have cum again had she licked it.

She quickly turned and left, giggling and saying “Bye sissy”. I stood for a moment or two before dressing again and making a swift exit.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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