Toilet doors and secret meets

When I was 17 I started my first job. It was in a local factory which was not too far away but not quite walking distance. The receptionist used to drive past the main road near my parents house and so offered me a lift each morning as long as I was at a specific place at the right time to get picked up.

I was infatuated with her immediately. She was tall, with dark curly hair and brown eyes. She wore very traditional office wear, skirt, tights heels, blouse and jacket generally. When she was driving she usually had her skirt hitched up a bit to prevent catching it in her heels I suppose. That of course led to me finding out she also wore underskirts. Something I absolutely adore. For a short time I even used her name as my own femme name in honour of her.

One particular day I had borrowed my parents car who were away on holiday. On the way home from work I stopped at the local park in need of a comfort break. I headed into the toilets and my eyes were opened to secret meets using messages on the cubicle doors and walls. I couldn’t believe it. People looking to meet transvestites, gay people, or just for some fun in the woods together. I must find out where this meeting place is I thought. It wasn’t too long before I figured it out and realised it was some woods about 1/2 a mile away on the other side of the park. I had to see this for myself. I was of course expecting to see loads of couples in some mass orgy but in reality, I saw nobody.

The following day I took some femme clothes with me to work, intending to stop at the woods again on the way home. I dressed in the toilets at work in a sating camisole and matching knickers set in blush pink, a pink suspender belt and white stockings. I put my male clothes over the top and headed to the park. Within a few minutes I was at the woods hoping for some action. I opened my shirt a little, showing my camisole off and I was rubbing myself through my trousers. I was so turned on. Sadly I only saw a few dog walkers on the other side of the woods. No action today. I spend the next week on and off heading to the woods to see if anyone was there. Still no luck. Maybe the toilet doors were all for show and nobody really met.

On the last day that I’d have the car before going back to getting lifts, I headed to the woods one last time. This time though there was something going on. I had on my purple camisole and knickers set and black opaque holdups. I had also “borrowed” some shoes of my sisters this time. I noticed a couple of people looking suspicious and heading into the woods together. A man and a woman. Perhaps I might not get any of my own action but perhaps I could watch. I lost them though quite quickly in the trees and thought my luck was out.

“Hi” came the voice nearby. I turned to see the woman again. Only it wasn’t a woman, she was a transvestite, fully dressed with makeup and wig too. “So young” she said. “You here to see me?”

“Eh, I think so…” I said as she approached. She took my hand and we slipped further into the woods to a more secluded area. She tried to kiss me but I pulled away, unsure of what to do. “No kissing, eh?” She said. “That’s ok.”

She slowly undid my trousers and I let her drop them to the ground. She squealed in delight as she saw my knickers and holdups. I opened my shirt to reveal more and stepped out of my trousers to put my shoes on. She gently slipped her hand up my knickers, taking my cock and started to wank me off. It was delicious. Before long she was on her kneed with my knickers round my ankles. “Always safe” she said as she rolled a condom on me. I couldn’t believe it as she kissed my cock before taking my in her mouth. It was so hot, I nearly came there and then. She sucked me off for what seemed like ages before I grunted and filled the condom with hot spunk. “MMMmm delicious” she said standing up and my dick slowly went flaccid. I cleaned up and turned my focus on her. I did much the same as she did, slipping my hand in her knickers and wanking her off a bit. She didn’t even last as long as it took to pull her knickers down and I felt a flood of warm sticky cum on my hand and inside her knickers. “Sorry.” She said, and produced some wipes from her bag. We cleaned up and I headed off.

I went there a few times but never saw anyone again. I did stop there fully dressed sometimes to masturbate. It was fun times.

As for the job, well…one drunken night I kissed that receptionist and managed to stroke her inner thigh but that was as far as we went. She was married and that was that. I left soon after to pursue a new career.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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