I had a weird dream last night. I always have really dirty dreams when I’m horny and last night was no exception.

My partner in the dream suggested that we get dressed up, she would do my makeup and hair and we would go to a trans club for a good laugh and some drinks.

I selected a gorgeous satin halter neck dress, nude hold ups and silver strappy shoes. She did my makeup and hair and we jumped in a taxi off to the club. It seemed normal, unless you can a room full of gays, lesbians, bi sexual and trans folk drinking and having a good time ab-normal. We got chatting with a few folk and my partner was getting very flirty with some of the others and that annoyed me a bit. She said we should go through to the next room then and see what was going on.

A sex show was going on as it turned out. You know how dreams tend to jump around, or perhaps it is our perception and memory of dreams that do this to us, however in the dream I was suddenly on stage with a naked man in front of me and one behind me. I was on all fours with my dress hitched up and suddenly I had a cock in my mouth. It was a shock but delicious. Before I knew it I had one inside me from behind and I was being spit roasted by two well hung guys. My partner was kissing and fondling other men and women and laughing as me being fucked front and back.

The dream kind of jumped about a bit, or at least my memory of it does. The next part I remember if the two me cumming, the one in my mouth had a condom on but the one behind did not. I remember his cum dribbling out of me and soaking my holdups and dress in spunk. It was running down my legs and making my dress stick to me. I loved it.

I awoke with a hard on and I think after writing this and recalling the dream, I need to do something to relieve myself.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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