My recent dream is an indication of a fantasy of mine. And for the reord, a fantasy is just that. It is not something you aspire to coming true, most fantasies if acted upon don’t usually work out the way you want them to. I know from experience.

I have some very strong sexual urges when I dress, as you have probably realised if you have read any of this blog so far. To satisfy this urge I sometimes go out very late at night in the car to some back street country lane or road whilest dressed, usually in my most slutty high heels, shortest of skirts, holdups, and a tiny top. Other times when I go out for a drive I wear a long silk demure maxi dress or tea dress and just enjoy the feeling of being out dressed. When I’m in slut mode as I refer to it as, I tend to enjoy it a little more. I leave my lights on in the car or put the full beam on. I then parade myself infront of the lights and masturabate until I cum on the road.

My fantasy tends to kick in when I’m in demure mode with a silk or satin dress on. I’m wandering about in the headlights, admiring myself and getting hard. I lift my dress and start to touch myself, my cock feeling the silk of my dress, my knickers by now round my knees. Soon my knickers are round my ankles and I’m masturbating freely with my dress round my waist. Sudenly I hear a noise and spin round to find a man approaching me. He pushed me to the car bonnet and forces my hands on it. I hear him unzip his jeans and lets them fall to the ground. I slowly lift my dress for him and bend over. He isn’t shy and thrusts his cock deep and hard in my ass. It’s sore at first but so pleasurable. He fucks me hard and I push back on him, taking him as deep as I can. I cum myself from the thrust of his cock inside me. Hot creamy spunk over the skirt of my dress. This spurs him on and he cums inside me. He pulls out his cock and forces me to lick him clean. His cum dribbles down my chin as I lick him. His spunk is dribbling out of my ass, down my holdups and dripping onto my dress. I stand up covered in spunk. My own on the front of my dress, his on my chin and down my legs, dress and hold ups. He smiles and walks off.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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