First time with a woman

At 17 I was a virgin. 17. Most of my friends claimed to have lost theirs and I was feeling a little lost in this brave new world of sex. I had just left school and I was preparing for a working life after not quite getting the grades I wanted for University. I had a job lined up which had pretty good prospects and was looking forward to it. Regular readers will know I really liked the receptionist in that place!

I still lived at home and I was still lusting after my neighbour. The incident 3 years earlier had blown over within a few months and at 17 I was occasionally baby sitting for her and helping her out with a few things here and there. Her husband was by then working away quite a lot and appreciated my help, or so he said.

That particular evening I had been down at the local park with the boys for a kick around whilst my neighbour and her husband got ready for a night out. I brought them back at the time she said to come home and her husband whisked them into the car to take them to their grandparents house for the night, a good 30 minute drive away so he would be gone for an hour or so.

My neighbour was almost ready, she looked stunning. He makeup and hair were gorgeous, he black chiffon layered dress was figure hugging and I felt twangs of jealousy, I wanted to wear it. Her black opaque’s finished the look although she still had to select a pair of shoes and jewellery. She invited me up the stairs to continue chatting as she thanked me for my help with the boys. We got chatting about her husband being away a lot and how she had been feeling lonely recently. She again thanked me for keeping the loneliness at bay at times when I poped over. I helped her with her jewellery, fastening a necklace and bracelet on her. She slipped into a pair of high heels and looked stunning. So good in fact that I was starting to go hard.

She asked how she looked and I stammered that she looked stunning. I was by now squirming a little, trying to hide my growing erection. She thanked me and went to give me a hug which I misinterpreted and gave her a kiss. She giggled at the misunderstanding and hugged me too just as my cock flexed under my jeans. “Oh” she exclaimed looking down at little shocked. I could only murmur a sorry. “It’s OK.” she said. “I didn’t know I looked that good!” She smiled and I melted, she took my hand and I leaned in to kiss her again. This time though she responded and we kissed gently. I knew it was wrong, as did she but soon we couldn’t help ourselves and we were entangled in a passionate kiss, our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. She very slowly and very deliberately touched the front of my jeans and I thought I’d cum there and then. I had to control myself as she slowly unbuttoned my jeans and reached inside. My insides were hurting with the excitement of her touching me. I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure. She lead me over to her bed and reached up under her dress to remove her black lacy knickers, revealing too that it was stockings she was wearing. She pushed me onto the bed and pulled my jeans and pants down. Teasing my cock by letting her hair brush over it. No words were spoken as she opened her bedside drawer and slipped a condom on me. I was speechless anyway. I was going to have sex and it was magnificent. She wiggled me over to the middle of the bed, lifted her dress and straddled me. I couldn’t help but lift her dress to watch my cock slide into her now very wet pussy. I was so turned on that sadly I didn’t last long. I came inside her with a grunt and a moan. She leaned forward and kissed me again. “First time?” I nodded. She smiled.

I cleaned myself up and she touched up her makeup and slipped her knickers back on. “It’s our secret” she said as I slipped down the stairs and out the door.

To be honest I never really saw much of her after that. Perhaps she felt guilty, perhaps she just needed to feel close to somebody I don’t know. By the time I was 18 she and her husband moved house and to this day I have never seen her again.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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