Hotels and secret meets

Many years ago I was on a training course in London, near where the BBC radio building was which I think is now the TV news room.

I had mentioned my travel plans to a few folk on various forums and one girl I had a good rapport with, Alison, said she was in London, staying in the same hotel that week too. Perhaps we could meet she said.

Other than a fumble in the woods with another tranny, I hadn’t really met anyone fully dressed. It was intriguing and I wanted to do it.

The evening that we were to meet, I went shopping on Oxford street buying a new pair of holdups, black satin underskirt and new lip gloss. Back at the hotel I got showered and shaved my body as closely as I could. I laid out my clothes on one of the 2 beds in the room. I applied my makeup as best as I could and slipped into my lingerie. Then on with my ankle length jersey skirt and white chiffon blouse with pussy bow. I love the secretary look.

There was a knock on my door at the right time and I quickly used the peep hole to see a gorgeous woman on a grey skirt suit and white blouse standing there. I opened the door and in stepped Alison. We got chatting right away and she said she had to make a phone call and would be right back. I though perhaps this was a get out scheme but she was back within 5 mins.

We chatted about waxing and femme things before she started to slide her hands up my legs. I did the same at her invitation to feel how smooth her waxed legs were. They were gorgeous. We didn’t kiss and it was a rule she requested from the outset. I was happy with that, in fact when she was pulling down my knickers and sliding a condom on my hard cock, I wasn’t bothered about the rule at all. She sucked on my cock for a while before I pushed her back onto the bed and slid her skirt up. Her lacy knickers were on my bedroom floor quickly and I went down on her. Sucking her cock onto my mouth. Licking her and giver as good a blow job as I knew how.

Things moved quickly and before I knew it she was straddling me, my cock poised at her opening. I was wanking her off. She was moaning so much now. “I want to push back” she said. “Go for it” was all I could breath. She push back slightly and I started to enter her, God it felt so good. She cried out as she came, filling her condom with cum. She quickly cleaned up and started to wank me off too. Straddling my legs and she pumped me with two hands. I moaned, grunted and filled my own condom with spunk.

We got cleaned up and she made a quick exit. I got undresses, took my makeup off and settled into bed. I get hard every time I think of that encounter.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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