Further to me last story, after meeting Alison and feeling how smother her legs were, I decided to get waxed. I really didn’t know anything about it or where to go so I had to do some research and find a salon that was happy to accept male clients. When I started this, there were so few salons accepting men, today however it’s a growing market and there are a lot of salons for men or who accept male clients for all sorts of treatments.

I found a local salon and called, expecting to be told “no, we don’t do men.” I was surprised to find that not only was the girl on the phone very happy to accept me as a client but was also very helpful in getting me prepared.

I arrived for my first time, I had showered and exfoliated my legs as advised and I was ready to go. I filled out a questionnaire for health reasons and we got started. I undressed to my underwear and got on the bed. She placed a towel over my underwear and got started. There are a lot of folk who tell you how the first time is sore and that there is an initial sting etc. They also say that you get used to it quickly and it’s fine after that. Bollocks. It was agony the first time. Today it is still sore and I get tender but that first time was agony. The results though. Wow! I loved it. Smooth legs felt so sexy under my silk lingerie and holdups. I used the salon for a year or so until a new one I saw opened up a little further away from me. However, they did intimate waxing for me. I needed to go.

I arrived and filled out the questionnaire as per usual with a new salon. I was shown through to the room where I was getting my intimate wax which was basically my bum cheeks, crack, scrotum, penis and pubic area. The whole nine yards so to speak.

It was then that it kind of hit me, I’d actually have to get naked. I know, stupid for it to take so long but there you go. I undressed and hopped up onto the table and placed the towel over myself. The girl doing the wax basically took it off to clean the area to be waxed so it seems like a waste of time. I was turned over and she cleaned my bum and I was told to get on all fours. She waxed my bum which was not sore at all. She waxed my crack which again was not sore. They use a hot wax which does not require strips to remove, basically it hardens and they whip it off. Whilst still on all fours she started to wax my scrotum. From behind. It was the oddest sensation as the hot wax was spread on with her holding me in place. Then my world seemed to collapse. I was seeing stars, my vision was blurry and the pain. Oh. My God. The pain of having the wax ripped off. It was the worst pain known to me.

I knew what to expect now and braces myself as she finished off what she could from behind. The cooling, lotion was most welcome. I was then to turn over. I lay on my back, naked from the waist down with the heat of pain pulsing through my nether region. Then she got to work on the rest of me. Having never had this done I was thinking too hard about not going hard as she moved my penis around to wax around it. Perhaps concentrating on it was wrong as I seemed to grow hard almost as soon as she started to wax my penis. (I’ve since found out that this is actually beneficial as the waxing process gets more hairs out when the skin is taught). She didn’t flinch. It was her job I supposed and not the first erection she had handled I’m sure. She went about her business chatting about life etc and I tried to maintain eye contact with her to hopefully avoid further embarrassment or mentioning the elephant in the room, i.e. my erect cock in her hands. A few times she stopped and wiped my penis a few times, I didn’t know why, at first.

Soon the ordeal was over and she rubbed in the cooling lotion before asking me to take a look and make sure I was happy. I had a quick feel and wow it was amazing. I had a look and had to look past the redness of my skin, knowing that in a short while it was subside. I was bald. As bald as a coot and it felt amazing. Then I realised what she had been wiping away. Pre-cum had dribbled out of me. I was mortified. I don’t think I’ve ever dressed quicker. I paid and left.

I went back a few times to that salon however she shutdown about 2 years after I started going. I’ve found a new salon in the city centre who I now go to regularly.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


One thought on “Wax

  1. Historically hirsute, I’ve been getting a full body wax every 6-8 weeks for a number of years now, in a professional, respectful environment.

    It is quite correct to state that an erection pulls the skin taught and allows more hair to be removed more easily, and whilst it may be possible to think nice thoughts, the fact that (unless you’re some sort of sadist), you then feel the pain which – well, it just has the opposite effect!

    The cooling lotion is the best. I particularly enjoy the ‘all fours’, cooling cream rubbing period which naturally needs to cover all areas to be sure of protection for all those open pores.

    Thinking nice thoughts during an intimate wax usually entails lying flat out, eyes closed, away with yourself, however, it’s probably far sexier to have a look I guess. Must try to remember next time.

    It’s amazing how many people I speak to who ask about my smooth body and ask whether I shave, but never does anyone ask if I am waxed. I guess that’s because shaving you do yourself, waxing – at least a full body wax is far more detailed and perhaps there’s an element of taboo about getting someone else to wax you. That whole conversation usually develops into whether it’s a male or a female, whether you get hard or not and what might happen after that.

    I’m lucky in that I have a very good place I go to that I love very much and daren’t contemplate what I might do if I ever couldn’t go there anymore. I dare say there’d be a duty of care demonstrated to find somewhere else for me.

    Before I started going to my usual place, I’d spent years trying all manner of ways to get hair-free from spending hours in the shower wet shaving, using an electric body trimmer, hair removal creams and to the most futile of all, a very small pot of wax which I tried to warm to temperature in a microwave. Nope. Waxing is definitely the way to go – the more you do it, the less the hair grows back but in my case, it takes time. This reply is turning into a blog. Now there’s an idea…


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