New dress

I have a new dress that I recently got from eBay. It’s a chiffon type material, sleeveless and in a wrap style. I found it particularly nice a couple of weeks back when I went out for a drive dressed up.04SKHUAS1167006_Z_2

I had selected a silk camisole, my new dress of course, black hold-ups with a spotted pattern and a pair of black silk high heels from Next for my outfit. I don’t tend to bother with knickers when I have one thing in mind, they get in the way.

I got showered, shaved and ready to go. My makeup was light, this wasn’t a night out after all just a drive to the country side to “do my thing” and come home again.

I arrived at my favourite country lane, away from any houses, main roads and any activity. Prepared in my usual way, put the headlights, front fog lights and full bean lights on and started to parade myself in the light. I was swishing my dress and clicking my heels and getting generally turned on. I slipped a hand inside my dress and started to touch myself until I was hard. Masturbating under my dress for a while until I need to go further. I pulled my dress up and started going for it. Moaning and enjoying it. Then it occurred to me, I can get out of this dress easily. I untied the side tie and my wrap dress fell open, I let it slip from my shoulders and suddenly I was standing in a thin silk camisole, holdups and high heels. Nothing else. It was amazing.


I came very quickly, got cleaned up and grabbed my dress before heading to the car. All lights off, dressed in man clothes and heading home within just a few minutes for being almost naked for all to see.

Quite thrilling.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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