The eyes have it

I’ve been attempting (at the ripe old age of 41) to learn how to do my eye makeup a bit better. Makeup has always been a mystery to me and something I’ve never been able to do. So where do you begin? Well for me YouTube has been a God send. There are so many tutorials for trans people to do makeup. A mans face is of course much different to a woman’s face and as such will take makeup in a different way. I’ve watched a few tutorials aimed at women and they move so quickly based on the assumption that the person watching already knows the basics, has the correct brushes and knows what the tutor is talking about!

Beautiful-Eyes-Makeup-Collection-2015-For-Girls-6Of course for a beginner that’s not going to be the case. I’ve had to buy a few new brushes, I’ve had to buy a foundation and I’ve had to buy (obviously) some descent eye shadow colours. I like the Barry M dazzle dust pots however they are so difficult to work with. I’ve ended up for now and just for the purposes of practicing, with a few cheaper eye shadow cakes. I always thought you had to be fairly accurate with eyeshadow, adding it in the right amount and in the right place. Turns out you just need to be good at blending and highlighting! Great. I love it. I’m not ready to show my results yet. They are a little better than a 5 year olds efforts but not by much. Hopefully soon, my other half wont need to do too much of my makeup!

Dirty Tranny Slut xxx


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