And the dog makes three…

My first and only threesome to date was completely unexpected. It happened on the same day I went dogging for the first time which was in itself also completely unexpected.

Regular readers will know that I enjoy getting dressed up in silk dresses, silk and satin lingerie, high heels and going for a drive. I stop my car in a deserted country road, leave the lights on and parade myself in front of the car headlights before taking care of the hard cock under my dress.

One evening in particular, I think it was a Friday night, I had on my sexy monsoon black and white silk cocktail dress, nude hold ups, black silk diamante high heels and a very short bolero style dinner jacket. I pulled up in one of my usual haunts, which was far away from any prying eyes however it was only covered on one side by trees. The other side was open fields although there was enough cover from a high hedge not to be seen. I always sit with the engine off and my window slightly open for a short time, gather courage to do what I love to do. Listening for other cars that might be using the road. It was clear so I started to prepare myself to leave the car and opened the door a little. My stomach was flipping and


I was getting very excited. But then I heard what I always hate to hear, another car. The glow on the road in the distance was un-mistakable. My heart sunk and I got prepared to leave, closing the car door and put the keys in the ignition. I hoped that this car would drive past and disappear but no. There was another layby on the road only a few meters away and it pulled in, killing its lights. I was getting ready to leave when it flashed its lights at me twice. Instinctively I flashed back, twice. What I didn’t know was that I’d started something that I didn’t mean to and the doors of the other car opened. They put their lights on and into the light stepped a girl in a very very short dress, stockings and suspenders, heels and a small jacket. She was quickly joined by a guy who you would normally see on a Jeremy Kyle show, muscles upon muscles. I nearly shat myself.


I fumbled to get my car going and switched on my own lights ready to start the engine. The 2 stopped and the guy gave me the thumbs up. I was confused. The two then started kissing and touching each other. I was very confused.

Within a few mins the girl was hunched down, fingering herself while sucking the guys dick. I was so turned on. I had stumbled upon a dogging site.

This went on for a while but soon the two kept looking over to my car. Eventually the girl came over and tried to talk to me. I wasn’t for having it and kept the window shut but she was asking me to join them. I cracked the window open a little to talk to her and she said she thought I was joining them after the 2 flash confirmation signal. She could see I was confused and told me it was a dogging place and asked if I wanted to join in or watch. I just said I think I should go. She convinced me to stay and watch if I wanted but they really wanted somebody to join them that night. By now I was more at ease with them being there and talking to the girl. She asked if I wasn’t turned on or something and then opened my door. Stupidly I hadn’t locked it. The car normally auto locked the door but only when I’m in motion. Because I’d previously opened it to get out, it was still unlocked. I tried to grab it but it was too late. She saw that I was dressed. She crouched down and excitedly said it was OK I was dressed and she found it really sexy. She was rubbing my leg, feeling the silk of my dress and slowly started to rub the front of my dress. Her guy shouted over and asked if the bloke was joining them. She smiled and shouted back. “How do you fancy seeing me kinda with another woman?” He looked confused and said he thought it was a man in the car. “She’s trans.” She said.

“Cool! Join us!”

She talked me out of the car but I was still quite wary. “Wow, sexy girl!” she said as she took my hand and led me in between the cars. We made some ground rules about me not interacting with the guy and vice versa and that this was just to pleasure the girl.

I gave them a twirl and fixed myself as the girl approached and kissed me, touching my cock through the thin silk of my dress. We got really into it and the guy was masturbating over us kissing. “Like lesbo’s” he grinned. She lifted my dress and hunched down to suck me off for a bit. Soon she had her dress up and I was crouched behind her licking her out as she sucked the guy off.

It ended with her sucking my cock while she was fucked hard from behind. Her grunts and moans turned me on so much. I said I was going to cum soon and she pulled down her dress. “On my tits” she said as her guy stopped fucking her. I wanked off and came on her tits whilst the guy wanked off watching. I was spent and she wanted the other guy to cum inside her which he duly did.

Her dress was soaked in cum both front and back but she was more than happy. As was the guy.

We bid each other goodbye and I headed off. I never saw them again even though I made the effort to visit the place a few times more. There is a housing estate there now so its an area I don’t go to at all now.

The picture is not me but it is what I wore that night.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


Very Nearly Caught

We have all been in the situation where we have nearly been caught whilst dressed or partially dressed. Well perhaps not all of us, but I certainly have!

When I was about 17 I was in my period of discovery about myself and enjoying the occasional off chance meeting in the park near my work. Once particular day I had found what I though was an old abandoned pathway. It went over a wooden bridge that was mostly broken up and you have to balance on the beams to get over the burn. The path led round the back of the garden centre nestled in the park and near the walled garden which was scarcely used. I decided one day to go for a walk here and found it was a great place to dress. I used to put on my short skirt, black hold ups etc under my trousers and indeed under an old pair of underpants that I’d cut the elastic on. I’d get to the pathway, climb out of my trousers, slip on my block heeled ankle boots (one of only 2 pairs of shoes I had) and then I’d rip off my underpants which led to my skirt swishing down and skimming my knee. I felt so girly.

One day in the summer however when I though I had the place to myself, I had put on my heels and was ready to drop my trousers when a group of maybe 4 boys from another school came round the corner and spotted me. I dropped my bag to hide my shoes and pretended to look for something. “Alright..” they asked walking past.

“Aye, yeah. I think I dropped a folder out my bag, did you see it at all back there?”

“Nah sorry”

It was enough to get by and I swiftly walked away, heart thumping. After the had gone I prepared again to slip out of my trousers and had them ready to go when 2 joggers ran past!


“‘ ‘right”

I just smiled and decided today was not the day and left.


Another time when I was much younger I used to wear underskirts (one of my passions) and pretend it was a skirt. I was standing behind a large hedge out of sight with only some bodies garden in view when I dropped my trousers to show off my underskirt. Of course it was just then that the house owner came round the side and headed for his car. I crouched as fast as I could, pretending to look round the hedge but hiding the fact I was in an underskirt. I pretended to hide from somebody else but all I was doing was pulling up my trousers as best as I could as the man got into his car. I stood up, trousers in place and looked round the hedge. My Oscar winning performance made it look like I was disappointed with not being followed.


Many years later I had a party in my house that was Rocky Horror themed. I of course as the host dressed in my best hold ups, short skirt, high heels and basque. I was in an AmDram group at the time and of course they loved the party and the fact I dressed appropriately. We had a great time and some of the girls did my makeup. One girl in particular who I really fancied showed my how to walk like a girl in high heels. Such a great night. Later in the evening a different girl who was dressed as a French maid got chatting with me and before we knew it we were kissing and toucha-toucha-toucha-touching each other. We moved up the stairs where soon she felt under my skirt and of course found me rock hard. I slipped my fingers in her knickers and brought her to orgasm. She lifted my skirt and went down on me. I didn’t know it but the girl I really fancied had come looking for me and found me on my bed getting a blow job. I spotted her as I neared my climax She stood watching us, rubbing herself though her gold hotpants. That sent me over and I came. She left quickly so not to be seen by the other girl.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

Office wear…

I’ve not always worked from home. I used to work in an office. My job there sometimes required me to work overtime which sometimes was late at night due to the nature of the client I was contracted to work for. They couldn’t always bring their applications an IT infrastructure down during office hours.

I enjoyed the late night work mostly, especially the jobs that maybe finished at say 1am or slightly later. It gave me that chance to bring some sexy femme clothes with me to change into, in the toilets to then go out for a late night walk. My late night walks always ended in some self pleasuring or sexual gratification.

I usually dressed in my holdups, knickers, camisole etc under my male clothes, meaning I only had to slip into my dress in the toilets and my high heels when I made it out to the car.

I had been working with one of the application support girls during the past week in preparation for a Friday night outage on a small but important computer system. We had done all the checks and by Friday we were ready to go. I was supposed to be in the office alone that night and she would dial in/VPN in to stop then restart the applications. Instead however she decided to come into the office so it was done quicker. I of course didn’t know that so I was in fact already wearing part of my outfit for the night which was rather secretarial in nature. I had on my white silk teddy, ivory chiffon silk blouse, black sheer hold ups with a line up the back and a black satin underskirt. In the toilet I’d slip into my black satin pencil skirt and in the parking lot I’d change into my black patent leather high heels and black coat before going for a walk.

So into the office I came to be greeted by a big “HI!!”. I was shitting myself. I didn’t have a t-shirt I could change into to pretend I wasn’t wearing femme clothes. Thankfully I had my hoodie on but I’d now have to keep it on to do my work.

The applications were stopped, the IT systems were stopped and handed to hardware support to do what they needed to do which would take 30 to 45 mins. My colleague came over to my desk and started chatting. We had already been flirting for a few weeks together so it was no surprise that we fell into the routine again. But things were a little different. She was acting coy but then touching me a lot, sitting on my knee and saying how weird it was that we were the only 2 in the office and just imagine what we could get up to.

This went on for a while before I got the phone call from hardware that that computer system was back up. I checked it and it was good, my colleague started the application and we were done. Id didn’t really want the flirting to stop but the job was done. She came back over to my desk still chatting and flirtatious, obviously feeling the same way. She sat on my knee again and hugged me saying “well that us done, what a team we make..” she kissed my lightly on the cheek but by now I was going erect and my cock was pulsing against her thigh. She reached down to touch it through my trousers and said “oh my..”

We kissed again with more passion. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths. Her hands started to roam as did mine, I had her arse cheeks in my hands when she started to unzip my hoodie. The realisation of what was under that suddenly hit my and I quickly tried to stand up saying “no..” but it was a little too late, she had unzipped it enough to see what I was wearing underneath.

She was take a back and looked puzzled asking what I was wearing under there. Nervously laughing a little. “It’s nothing” I tried to explain zipping up again. She wasn’t for having it though. She laughed again saying “no I want to see”. Slowly I unzipped, my face bright red.

“That’s lovely” she said “where did you get it?” I just smiled and told her I liked to wear these things from time to time. “Very sexy..” She popped a look down my top and spotted the silk teddy. We started kissing again as she rubbed her hands over my chiffon top and felt the silk underneath. She moved for my jeans next and again I had to stop her. She smiled and asked what else I had on. I stood up and she slowly undid my belt and trousers, letting them fall to the ground. My underskirt swished down and quickly covered my erection (no knickers) and hold ups. “I’m so turned on right now” was all she could say as we kissed some more. I undid her jeans and slipped my hand into her knickers, she was very wet. “Why no skirt?” she asked me. I winked and pulled out my neatly folded skirt and high heels from my bag. “Put them on”.

I took off my open hoodie, slipped off my trousers and wiggled into my skirt and heels. “wait there” she said and ran back to her desk. Before I knew it she was putting some makeup on me. She pulled me close and we kissed again. She stepped back and told me to sit down. She slid her jeans and knickers down and sat on my desk, legs spread wide and told me firmly to lick.

I kissed, licked, sucked and finger fucked her every way I could imagine before she cried out in pleasure as her orgasm ripped though her. She kissed me, savouring her own taste on my lips as she slowly rubbed the front of my skirt.

“I’m not sure what to do with you now Miss Jones!” she breathed.

She slowly pushed my skirt and underskirt up round my waist and sat my on the desk. She sat on the chair and gently took me in her mouth, sucking and licking my cock. It was heavenly. She worked my cock with her tongue bringing me almost to a climax before letting my back down again. She’d done this before….

“Stand up” she said. “spread your legs wider”. I did as I was told and she took me back in her mouth but this time ran her hand up and down my legs. She started playing with my balls and then very slowly slipped a finger round my bum hole. It was amazing. Even better, she then pushed inside me. “relax…” she said. I tried my best and before long she had 2 maybe 3 fingers inside me as she sucked my cock. I couldn’t hold back and grunted as I came in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot cum. She took her fingers out of me and let some of my cum dribble down her chin.

“A good girl doesn’t waste a drop” she said as we kissed. My cum brushing onto my own lips. We kissed long and hard.

I didn’t need to go for my walk that night. We never spoke of that night to each other but we did give each other cheeky grins and winks in the office when we could. Within a year I was working from home and she had left for another job. I wonder if she still thinks of that night.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

Insults galore

Over the years, many minority groups have been the butt of many jokes to joe public here in the “west”. Whether it was black people, Chinese, Asian or gay people, they were seen as a joke and to be made fun of.

Over the past few years and decades, a growing intolerance of making minority groups the butt of jokes has taken hold as equality was being embraced. We even saw new laws being passed that treat discrimination of people as hate crimes. Whilst this has not eliminated tensions between some groups of people it has certainly a fall back in law should there be a conflict.

This however does not seem to have spread to the trans community.

Recently we had a backlash against Caitlyn Jenner where a number of people continue to call her Bruce and other call her a mutilated man. We now have the likes of Barry Humphries who for years dressed in drag, making a mockery of the trans community for the sake of a caricature of a celebrity woman, laying into Jenner, agreeing with the hate speech that “he” is a mutilated man. I’m no fan of Jenner myself but it is her decision to transition and nobody has the right to say otherwise.

Further to the recent outpouring of hatred towards Jenner, I watched a TV show last night with Mary Portas on it. I can’t stand the woman, she is a failure and has wasted many tax payers pounds on failed government schemes to get us back to the high street. She does not deserve a place on my TV. As I was about to turn over, she was in a shop “helping” the owners get sales moving in the right direction. It was a dress shop which would have looked at home in the 80’s with really awful gaudy dresses. She asks the owner, “Are there any transvestites in the village, ‘cos you might be able to sell these dresses to them, but nobody else will buy them.”

Let that sink in.

So the trans community wear God awful clothes and can be used as the butt of jokes in her feeble minded opinion?

I’m getting sick of all the trans bashing going on these days.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

NYE Outfit

My NYE outfit consisted of three things; a dress, a teddy and heels. Simples.

Of course it wasnt long after the bells that my dress was round my waist and my other half could feel the silk of my teddy against her ass as we made love standing at the back window for any passers by to see.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

Wax and blobs

Ooft, what a holiday season it was! I managed to gain a few pounds, so much so that a lot of items of clothing no longer fit me! Some however fit me better and I intend to make good use of that before the inevitable push to lose weight kicks in followed swiftly by the loss of interest and the slow reduction of my waist line over the next 6 months back to where it was pre-Christmas.

I had a full body wax when I was on holiday which was in order to ensure my NYE party dress fitted well and felt good on me. I saw the usual girl who although talks far too much and takes far too long, is very good at her job. A few times though her hair (extensions) got in the way and at one point they brushed gently across my inner thigh. Normally that would send me off the deep end and I’d be hard, but when hot wax is being ripped from your body, the pain tends to stop things from happening.

I have quite an unusual ability though which is to control when I cum. I use it to prolong a good blow job or sex and it’s quite easy to master. It relies on relaxation techniques and muscle clenching. If I’m very aroused and want to let go I can force my body to relax, specifically in the genital area and usually this is followed quickly by climaxing.

During a body wax, they use a hot wax that does not require a strip of paper to remove. it is generally used on the more sensitive areas of your body such as underarm, and genitals. It is quite normal for a man to become erect during a hot wax as the sensation of hot wax being applied is very pleasurable. This trip was no different and when it was applied to the base of my penis, I went hard quite quickly. There is nothing sexual about it, especially given the pain that will shortly ensue. I started to use my relaxation technique to try to dampen the pain, I found that if I’m tense, the wax is less effective. To ensure the wax is set, the therapist will poke and prod, then peel and lift the wax a little before ripping it off. Regardless of the pain, I was becoming quite aroused by the attention my penis was getting and I felt myself getting pretty solid down there. So much so that the therapist had to hold my penis out the way while applying wax. With all the attention and my relaxing technique it was almost inevitable that something would happen. Thankfully I didn’t cum there and then, however a significant amount of pre-cum was now making its way out of me and over the head of my cock. The therapist wiped it away with a cleansing tissue which unfortunately just lead to more problems. I was now clenching and tensing up in the hope that nothing else would happened, but instead it just squeezed out a sizable bead of seamen which promptly rolled down my shaft and onto her gloved hand.

I was mortified.

She simply wiped it away and said that it happens sometimes, not to worry about it. We chatted more and she moved on to my belly and chest finishing the job some 3 hours after she started! We discussed a lot of different things and I even hinted at why I get waxed. She didn’t ask outright but I’m sure she figured it out and she seemed cool with it.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx