Wax and blobs

Ooft, what a holiday season it was! I managed to gain a few pounds, so much so that a lot of items of clothing no longer fit me! Some however fit me better and I intend to make good use of that before the inevitable push to lose weight kicks in followed swiftly by the loss of interest and the slow reduction of my waist line over the next 6 months back to where it was pre-Christmas.

I had a full body wax when I was on holiday which was in order to ensure my NYE party dress fitted well and felt good on me. I saw the usual girl who although talks far too much and takes far too long, is very good at her job. A few times though her hair (extensions) got in the way and at one point they brushed gently across my inner thigh. Normally that would send me off the deep end and I’d be hard, but when hot wax is being ripped from your body, the pain tends to stop things from happening.

I have quite an unusual ability though which is to control when I cum. I use it to prolong a good blow job or sex and it’s quite easy to master. It relies on relaxation techniques and muscle clenching. If I’m very aroused and want to let go I can force my body to relax, specifically in the genital area and usually this is followed quickly by climaxing.

During a body wax, they use a hot wax that does not require a strip of paper to remove. it is generally used on the more sensitive areas of your body such as underarm, and genitals. It is quite normal for a man to become erect during a hot wax as the sensation of hot wax being applied is very pleasurable. This trip was no different and when it was applied to the base of my penis, I went hard quite quickly. There is nothing sexual about it, especially given the pain that will shortly ensue. I started to use my relaxation technique to try to dampen the pain, I found that if I’m tense, the wax is less effective. To ensure the wax is set, the therapist will poke and prod, then peel and lift the wax a little before ripping it off. Regardless of the pain, I was becoming quite aroused by the attention my penis was getting and I felt myself getting pretty solid down there. So much so that the therapist had to hold my penis out the way while applying wax. With all the attention and my relaxing technique it was almost inevitable that something would happen. Thankfully I didn’t cum there and then, however a significant amount of pre-cum was now making its way out of me and over the head of my cock. The therapist wiped it away with a cleansing tissue which unfortunately just lead to more problems. I was now clenching and tensing up in the hope that nothing else would happened, but instead it just squeezed out a sizable bead of seamen which promptly rolled down my shaft and onto her gloved hand.

I was mortified.

She simply wiped it away and said that it happens sometimes, not to worry about it. We chatted more and she moved on to my belly and chest finishing the job some 3 hours after she started! We discussed a lot of different things and I even hinted at why I get waxed. She didn’t ask outright but I’m sure she figured it out and she seemed cool with it.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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