Insults galore

Over the years, many minority groups have been the butt of many jokes to joe public here in the “west”. Whether it was black people, Chinese, Asian or gay people, they were seen as a joke and to be made fun of.

Over the past few years and decades, a growing intolerance of making minority groups the butt of jokes has taken hold as equality was being embraced. We even saw new laws being passed that treat discrimination of people as hate crimes. Whilst this has not eliminated tensions between some groups of people it has certainly a fall back in law should there be a conflict.

This however does not seem to have spread to the trans community.

Recently we had a backlash against Caitlyn Jenner where a number of people continue to call her Bruce and other call her a mutilated man. We now have the likes of Barry Humphries who for years dressed in drag, making a mockery of the trans community for the sake of a caricature of a celebrity woman, laying into Jenner, agreeing with the hate speech that “he” is a mutilated man. I’m no fan of Jenner myself but it is her decision to transition and nobody has the right to say otherwise.

Further to the recent outpouring of hatred towards Jenner, I watched a TV show last night with Mary Portas on it. I can’t stand the woman, she is a failure and has wasted many tax payers pounds on failed government schemes to get us back to the high street. She does not deserve a place on my TV. As I was about to turn over, she was in a shop “helping” the owners get sales moving in the right direction. It was a dress shop which would have looked at home in the 80’s with really awful gaudy dresses. She asks the owner, “Are there any transvestites in the village, ‘cos you might be able to sell these dresses to them, but nobody else will buy them.”

Let that sink in.

So the trans community wear God awful clothes and can be used as the butt of jokes in her feeble minded opinion?

I’m getting sick of all the trans bashing going on these days.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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