Office wear…

I’ve not always worked from home. I used to work in an office. My job there sometimes required me to work overtime which sometimes was late at night due to the nature of the client I was contracted to work for. They couldn’t always bring their applications an IT infrastructure down during office hours.

I enjoyed the late night work mostly, especially the jobs that maybe finished at say 1am or slightly later. It gave me that chance to bring some sexy femme clothes with me to change into, in the toilets to then go out for a late night walk. My late night walks always ended in some self pleasuring or sexual gratification.

I usually dressed in my holdups, knickers, camisole etc under my male clothes, meaning I only had to slip into my dress in the toilets and my high heels when I made it out to the car.

I had been working with one of the application support girls during the past week in preparation for a Friday night outage on a small but important computer system. We had done all the checks and by Friday we were ready to go. I was supposed to be in the office alone that night and she would dial in/VPN in to stop then restart the applications. Instead however she decided to come into the office so it was done quicker. I of course didn’t know that so I was in fact already wearing part of my outfit for the night which was rather secretarial in nature. I had on my white silk teddy, ivory chiffon silk blouse, black sheer hold ups with a line up the back and a black satin underskirt. In the toilet I’d slip into my black satin pencil skirt and in the parking lot I’d change into my black patent leather high heels and black coat before going for a walk.

So into the office I came to be greeted by a big “HI!!”. I was shitting myself. I didn’t have a t-shirt I could change into to pretend I wasn’t wearing femme clothes. Thankfully I had my hoodie on but I’d now have to keep it on to do my work.

The applications were stopped, the IT systems were stopped and handed to hardware support to do what they needed to do which would take 30 to 45 mins. My colleague came over to my desk and started chatting. We had already been flirting for a few weeks together so it was no surprise that we fell into the routine again. But things were a little different. She was acting coy but then touching me a lot, sitting on my knee and saying how weird it was that we were the only 2 in the office and just imagine what we could get up to.

This went on for a while before I got the phone call from hardware that that computer system was back up. I checked it and it was good, my colleague started the application and we were done. Id didn’t really want the flirting to stop but the job was done. She came back over to my desk still chatting and flirtatious, obviously feeling the same way. She sat on my knee again and hugged me saying “well that us done, what a team we make..” she kissed my lightly on the cheek but by now I was going erect and my cock was pulsing against her thigh. She reached down to touch it through my trousers and said “oh my..”

We kissed again with more passion. Our tongues dancing in each others mouths. Her hands started to roam as did mine, I had her arse cheeks in my hands when she started to unzip my hoodie. The realisation of what was under that suddenly hit my and I quickly tried to stand up saying “no..” but it was a little too late, she had unzipped it enough to see what I was wearing underneath.

She was take a back and looked puzzled asking what I was wearing under there. Nervously laughing a little. “It’s nothing” I tried to explain zipping up again. She wasn’t for having it though. She laughed again saying “no I want to see”. Slowly I unzipped, my face bright red.

“That’s lovely” she said “where did you get it?” I just smiled and told her I liked to wear these things from time to time. “Very sexy..” She popped a look down my top and spotted the silk teddy. We started kissing again as she rubbed her hands over my chiffon top and felt the silk underneath. She moved for my jeans next and again I had to stop her. She smiled and asked what else I had on. I stood up and she slowly undid my belt and trousers, letting them fall to the ground. My underskirt swished down and quickly covered my erection (no knickers) and hold ups. “I’m so turned on right now” was all she could say as we kissed some more. I undid her jeans and slipped my hand into her knickers, she was very wet. “Why no skirt?” she asked me. I winked and pulled out my neatly folded skirt and high heels from my bag. “Put them on”.

I took off my open hoodie, slipped off my trousers and wiggled into my skirt and heels. “wait there” she said and ran back to her desk. Before I knew it she was putting some makeup on me. She pulled me close and we kissed again. She stepped back and told me to sit down. She slid her jeans and knickers down and sat on my desk, legs spread wide and told me firmly to lick.

I kissed, licked, sucked and finger fucked her every way I could imagine before she cried out in pleasure as her orgasm ripped though her. She kissed me, savouring her own taste on my lips as she slowly rubbed the front of my skirt.

“I’m not sure what to do with you now Miss Jones!” she breathed.

She slowly pushed my skirt and underskirt up round my waist and sat my on the desk. She sat on the chair and gently took me in her mouth, sucking and licking my cock. It was heavenly. She worked my cock with her tongue bringing me almost to a climax before letting my back down again. She’d done this before….

“Stand up” she said. “spread your legs wider”. I did as I was told and she took me back in her mouth but this time ran her hand up and down my legs. She started playing with my balls and then very slowly slipped a finger round my bum hole. It was amazing. Even better, she then pushed inside me. “relax…” she said. I tried my best and before long she had 2 maybe 3 fingers inside me as she sucked my cock. I couldn’t hold back and grunted as I came in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot cum. She took her fingers out of me and let some of my cum dribble down her chin.

“A good girl doesn’t waste a drop” she said as we kissed. My cum brushing onto my own lips. We kissed long and hard.

I didn’t need to go for my walk that night. We never spoke of that night to each other but we did give each other cheeky grins and winks in the office when we could. Within a year I was working from home and she had left for another job. I wonder if she still thinks of that night.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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