And the dog makes three…

My first and only threesome to date was completely unexpected. It happened on the same day I went dogging for the first time which was in itself also completely unexpected.

Regular readers will know that I enjoy getting dressed up in silk dresses, silk and satin lingerie, high heels and going for a drive. I stop my car in a deserted country road, leave the lights on and parade myself in front of the car headlights before taking care of the hard cock under my dress.

One evening in particular, I think it was a Friday night, I had on my sexy monsoon black and white silk cocktail dress, nude hold ups, black silk diamante high heels and a very short bolero style dinner jacket. I pulled up in one of my usual haunts, which was far away from any prying eyes however it was only covered on one side by trees. The other side was open fields although there was enough cover from a high hedge not to be seen. I always sit with the engine off and my window slightly open for a short time, gather courage to do what I love to do. Listening for other cars that might be using the road. It was clear so I started to prepare myself to leave the car and opened the door a little. My stomach was flipping and


I was getting very excited. But then I heard what I always hate to hear, another car. The glow on the road in the distance was un-mistakable. My heart sunk and I got prepared to leave, closing the car door and put the keys in the ignition. I hoped that this car would drive past and disappear but no. There was another layby on the road only a few meters away and it pulled in, killing its lights. I was getting ready to leave when it flashed its lights at me twice. Instinctively I flashed back, twice. What I didn’t know was that I’d started something that I didn’t mean to and the doors of the other car opened. They put their lights on and into the light stepped a girl in a very very short dress, stockings and suspenders, heels and a small jacket. She was quickly joined by a guy who you would normally see on a Jeremy Kyle show, muscles upon muscles. I nearly shat myself.


I fumbled to get my car going and switched on my own lights ready to start the engine. The 2 stopped and the guy gave me the thumbs up. I was confused. The two then started kissing and touching each other. I was very confused.

Within a few mins the girl was hunched down, fingering herself while sucking the guys dick. I was so turned on. I had stumbled upon a dogging site.

This went on for a while but soon the two kept looking over to my car. Eventually the girl came over and tried to talk to me. I wasn’t for having it and kept the window shut but she was asking me to join them. I cracked the window open a little to talk to her and she said she thought I was joining them after the 2 flash confirmation signal. She could see I was confused and told me it was a dogging place and asked if I wanted to join in or watch. I just said I think I should go. She convinced me to stay and watch if I wanted but they really wanted somebody to join them that night. By now I was more at ease with them being there and talking to the girl. She asked if I wasn’t turned on or something and then opened my door. Stupidly I hadn’t locked it. The car normally auto locked the door but only when I’m in motion. Because I’d previously opened it to get out, it was still unlocked. I tried to grab it but it was too late. She saw that I was dressed. She crouched down and excitedly said it was OK I was dressed and she found it really sexy. She was rubbing my leg, feeling the silk of my dress and slowly started to rub the front of my dress. Her guy shouted over and asked if the bloke was joining them. She smiled and shouted back. “How do you fancy seeing me kinda with another woman?” He looked confused and said he thought it was a man in the car. “She’s trans.” She said.

“Cool! Join us!”

She talked me out of the car but I was still quite wary. “Wow, sexy girl!” she said as she took my hand and led me in between the cars. We made some ground rules about me not interacting with the guy and vice versa and that this was just to pleasure the girl.

I gave them a twirl and fixed myself as the girl approached and kissed me, touching my cock through the thin silk of my dress. We got really into it and the guy was masturbating over us kissing. “Like lesbo’s” he grinned. She lifted my dress and hunched down to suck me off for a bit. Soon she had her dress up and I was crouched behind her licking her out as she sucked the guy off.

It ended with her sucking my cock while she was fucked hard from behind. Her grunts and moans turned me on so much. I said I was going to cum soon and she pulled down her dress. “On my tits” she said as her guy stopped fucking her. I wanked off and came on her tits whilst the guy wanked off watching. I was spent and she wanted the other guy to cum inside her which he duly did.

Her dress was soaked in cum both front and back but she was more than happy. As was the guy.

We bid each other goodbye and I headed off. I never saw them again even though I made the effort to visit the place a few times more. There is a housing estate there now so its an area I don’t go to at all now.

The picture is not me but it is what I wore that night.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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