Very Nearly Caught

We have all been in the situation where we have nearly been caught whilst dressed or partially dressed. Well perhaps not all of us, but I certainly have!

When I was about 17 I was in my period of discovery about myself and enjoying the occasional off chance meeting in the park near my work. Once particular day I had found what I though was an old abandoned pathway. It went over a wooden bridge that was mostly broken up and you have to balance on the beams to get over the burn. The path led round the back of the garden centre nestled in the park and near the walled garden which was scarcely used. I decided one day to go for a walk here and found it was a great place to dress. I used to put on my short skirt, black hold ups etc under my trousers and indeed under an old pair of underpants that I’d cut the elastic on. I’d get to the pathway, climb out of my trousers, slip on my block heeled ankle boots (one of only 2 pairs of shoes I had) and then I’d rip off my underpants which led to my skirt swishing down and skimming my knee. I felt so girly.

One day in the summer however when I though I had the place to myself, I had put on my heels and was ready to drop my trousers when a group of maybe 4 boys from another school came round the corner and spotted me. I dropped my bag to hide my shoes and pretended to look for something. “Alright..” they asked walking past.

“Aye, yeah. I think I dropped a folder out my bag, did you see it at all back there?”

“Nah sorry”

It was enough to get by and I swiftly walked away, heart thumping. After the had gone I prepared again to slip out of my trousers and had them ready to go when 2 joggers ran past!


“‘ ‘right”

I just smiled and decided today was not the day and left.


Another time when I was much younger I used to wear underskirts (one of my passions) and pretend it was a skirt. I was standing behind a large hedge out of sight with only some bodies garden in view when I dropped my trousers to show off my underskirt. Of course it was just then that the house owner came round the side and headed for his car. I crouched as fast as I could, pretending to look round the hedge but hiding the fact I was in an underskirt. I pretended to hide from somebody else but all I was doing was pulling up my trousers as best as I could as the man got into his car. I stood up, trousers in place and looked round the hedge. My Oscar winning performance made it look like I was disappointed with not being followed.


Many years later I had a party in my house that was Rocky Horror themed. I of course as the host dressed in my best hold ups, short skirt, high heels and basque. I was in an AmDram group at the time and of course they loved the party and the fact I dressed appropriately. We had a great time and some of the girls did my makeup. One girl in particular who I really fancied showed my how to walk like a girl in high heels. Such a great night. Later in the evening a different girl who was dressed as a French maid got chatting with me and before we knew it we were kissing and toucha-toucha-toucha-touching each other. We moved up the stairs where soon she felt under my skirt and of course found me rock hard. I slipped my fingers in her knickers and brought her to orgasm. She lifted my skirt and went down on me. I didn’t know it but the girl I really fancied had come looking for me and found me on my bed getting a blow job. I spotted her as I neared my climax She stood watching us, rubbing herself though her gold hotpants. That sent me over and I came. She left quickly so not to be seen by the other girl.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


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