Saturday night

I hope you had as good a weekend as I did!

I knew I was going out that night for a party all be it dressed as my male alter ego (you know what I mean). My other half and I had decided well before the party that I would dress up after it and we could have ourselves a good time.

I had picked out a new dress I got in the Monsoon sales, knee high boots and a nice pair of sheer hold ups. My makeup was in my bag and in the car. For the party, she had on a satin prom style dress, gold sparkly high heels, hair down, full makeup on and a black lace shrug to cover he shoulders.

The party was a bit crap to be honest, rubbish food, drunken idiots who thought they could play the guitar and some drunken girls who seems to be in competition with each other over who could be the most drunk and who could wear the skimpiest dress. I wasn’t complaining about the last point.9099959828510

00:30 and time to head off. I had already prepared as much as I could in the toilets, wearing my lingerie, brushing my wig etc. We got to the car which was in a very dark area of the car park and I quickly got out of my man clothes in the back seat and into my dress and boots. I sipped back into the drivers side and my other half quickly did my makeup. I left the wig off for the time being.

We set off for one of our usual haunts and arrived by about 1am. I finalised my outfit and we got out for a short walk. We walked through the side of an industrial estate and into a residential area where most if not all house lights were off. We walked hand in hand having the occasional kiss. Our lip gloss making our kisses much more sensual. Soon we were kissing passionately and she was stroking my hardened cock through my dress. I slowly slid my hand up her dress and stroked her thighs before hooking her knickers to the side and touching her swollen pussy. She was warm and wet, a moan escaped her lips as I slid a finger down her opening and gently caressed her clit.

We moved on a bit more and headed back towards the industrial estate where we would not be caught. There is a small alley way behind some new units we knew where it was clean, dry and out of sight. We kissed long and hard as she lifted my dress and pulled my knickers down. She hunched down in front of me and slowly licked my cock before taking me deep in her mouth. Her lip gloss leaving a trail of red down my shaft. It was bliss as she fingered my hole and sucked my cock, deep throating me. She is very good at that.

Soon it was her turn and it was easier just to remove her knickers. She had one foot up on a container or something and held her dress round her waist as I licked her to orgasm. She had to stifle her moans just incase!

“Fuck me hard” she breathed as she turned around and bent over against the wall. Her high heels giving her the right height for me to enter her. It was amazing. Her dress lifted high, the click of our heels as I pushed into her heard from behind. My own knickers round my ankles. I grunted trying to keep noise to a minimum as I came inside her. Thrusting my cock as deep as I could go as the spurts of my hot creamy cum filled her pussy. The last twitches of my orgasm faded and she pulled out some tissues from her bag to clean ourselves up. We kissed long and hard before sorting our dresses, putting our knickers back on and heading for the car.

We got home and took our make up off, showered and headed for bed. It was cold that night so we snuggled into our silk night dresses and fell asleep in each others arms.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx



New Waxings?

The place I go just now for a full body wax is quite a distance away from my home and given it is in the city centre it is quite expensive.

A new place has opened up nearer me but is run by one person. This of course means less availability during busy times and also If I change, a trust would need to be built up between myself and the beautician. As easy as it sounds for a man to drop his pants for a woman, when it comes to waxing, thats not the case.

I think for now I might try her for an eyebrow waxing to see how I get on. See if shes any good and to see if I like her enough or trust her enough to wrap my balls in hot wax!

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

Super Bowl, Super Walk

I’m not one for altering things in life. I know what I’m sure of and I don’t change things if they are working for me. What that means for my dressing habits is that generally I have my late night drives occasionally, dress in the house mostly, and wear lingerie under my male clothes always.

When it comes to the Super Bowl night though, I do like to do things a little differently. Like many UK fans, I have a group of friends who are also American Football fans and we host a Super Bowl party each year to watch the game and catch up. This year was no different. This year I also elected to continue another tradition I’ve held for the past 5 years. Once the game is over and the last of the hot dogs is greedily scoffed down, it’s time to head home. Only these past few years I’ve dressed under my male clothes when attending the party. Then when I get to the car, I slip into a dress and high heels for the drive home. This year it was after 3am when it was time to go home, on a Monday morning. The town where I live was deserted, as it usually is at that time in the morning on a Monday in February.

Instead of going straight home though, I enjoy going for a drive in my dress and then instead of heading to a deserted country road, I head towards a local industrial estate nearby which is also next to a housing estate. There I park the car up, apply some makeup, put on my coat and go for a walk through the streets dressed up. I normally carry a small umbrella to cover my face against any traffic such as taxi’s and trucks that do drive past me. It’s a cock twitcher to hear the click of my heels and feel the swish of my dress as I walk along the road. To have cars and trucks drive past, knowing that the drivers are probably looking at my dress, legs and heels. I often have to adjust myself under my knickers.

My walk always ends in the most familiar fashion though. My knickers round my ankles, dress round my waist and spurts of hot cum landing on the road somewhere nearby, out of sight of anyone who may pass by. A quick change before driving home and off to bed to dream of pink ball gowns, silk lingerie and a quicky up and alley way.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx