Under the weather

I’ve been feeling pretty “meh” for the past few weeks to be honest and havn’t had the inclination to do anything other than curl up on the sofa in my jammies, watch TV and sleep.

I must be coming out of it though. My mind is turning towards my next waxing session, to rid myself of this horrid hair and to slip back into lingerie, heels and a dress.

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Odd place to be doing “it”

So whats the strangest place you have ever had sex? Comments below  :o)

As for me, well I’ve had sex in a few strange places. In a lift, in a car at the side of ac ountry road, in a car park, I’ve even made a girl cum with my toe in a public swimming pool. The best was possibly in a lingerie/sex shop called Ann Summers. It was a few years ago and I was seeing one of the girls who worked there. She knew about my dressing. I went into the shop just as they were closing to pick her up and head out for the night. Now Ann Summers has a lingerie dept. that used to be an independant shop called Knickerbox. I was having a look at a few things and found a gorgeous babydoll and suspender set in baby pink with black stripes down it. I asked if I could try it on and she said sure, go ahead. So I did. I was so turned on and my girlfriend popped her head in the changing room to check I was OK and to tell me it was time to go. However I was still in the lingerie. I already had holdups on and had been shopping for a few things so had with me a new pair of high heels. She loved the outfit and she started to caress the soft satin. Soon we were kissing and before long her knickers and tights were round her ankles as I drove me hard cock into her from behind. She hadn’t been alone in the shop and the other girl stuck her head in the changing rooms telling us to hurry up! It was quite bizzare being told to hurry up and cum so they could lock up the shop. I did cum but we didn’t have any tissues to clean up with so my girlfriend shouted to her work pal (they were close friends as well) for something to clean up with. Some kleenex were thrown under the changing room door and we got cleaned. I had to buy the lingerie though. She couldn’t put it back on the rack after we had had sex in it! So I bought it, she closed the shop and we went out on the town. When we got home, we did it all again in my new lingerie set.

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