Wax on, Wax off

So I went to a new wax salon this week and got everything from the waist down removed. Hair wise, of course.

The salon is a year old so still quite new and as I was a new client there was still that awkward relationship where a complete stranger asks you to remove your underwear and let her spread hot wax on your penis and rip it off again.

Legs were done first which were quick and easy. Next was my bum which again was quick and easy.

For guys who have never had a wax done, down there, you usually have to go on all fours with your elbows down and your bum up. Quite uncomfortable, so remember that the next time you ask your girlfriend to go doggy with you. You then get your scrotum and surounding area cleaned, dried and waxed. It it painful, there is no getting away from that. I tend to “spot” as well which is a very slight bleed on my scrotum in small spots. If this happens to you, make sure you either put some paper towls over yourself to protect against the blood drying on your underwear or removal of underwear later when you are home can be sore.

So we were chatting quite the thing and I was asked to turn over onto my back. They usually put a hand towel over you to pretend there is some modesty, before whipping it off to get a good look, clean and start waxing again.

Being a new girl, I was not used to her touch and quite instantly became erect. I know this can make it easier for a wax as the skin becomes taught. But i just seemed to get harder and harder. To the point soon where it was difficult for her to move it around. She carried on around it but got to the point where she needed to move it down and when she did so she managed to pull my foreskin back, all the way back! She apologied and tried to fix it and in effect sarted to pull at my foreskin back and forth. It was both heavenly and horrifying all at once and I had to stop her, telling he I would fix it. She apologied and giggled saying she just realised what she was doing. I fixed myself and she carried on, saying, “..well at least you didn’t cum on me.”

Should I have said something back? I was in too much shock. Perhpas she was nervous and blurted out what she shouldn’t have, and perhaps it was a saving grace that I didn’t respond. Maybe it was just the ice breaker that was needed to build a trust and ensure I go back.

We chatted some more and she asked why I get waxed. She said she has one other male client who is trans and gets waxed for that reason. She just asked outright if I was trans too? Again I was in shock at the question and sheepishly said yes. “Wonderful.” She said. “What sort of clothes do you like to wear?” The conversation went from nail polish, to heels, to makeup to dresses.

I think I’ll go back.

Dirty Tranny Girl


2 thoughts on “Wax on, Wax off

  1. A great blog!

    Yes, you’re quite right, that ‘all fours’ routine is all part and parcel of the process, but for me, I don’t really bother as the job needs doing!

    It seems that there was indeed not so much of an icebreaker, more like a mega thaw, but at least that’s over and done with now assuming she will be your regular member of staff at the salon.

    I’d love to eavesdrop on her girly chats. I wonder if there are any terms and conditions of employment over client confidentiality, and as for the ‘sudden realisation’ as to what she was doing…

    You’re also quite right with the benefits of some firmness down below, as a taut skin allows more to be caught and whipped out. My only problem is, whilst the wax is quite nice, the pleasure of that being smeared on is then compounded by the ‘aaaaaaarrrrrgh’ you may be going through inside when the dried wax is then removed. It’s usually a different kind of wax down there too which peels off rather than having wax paper applied.

    And ‘spotting’? Indeed. Been there – done that many times! The benefits of the soothing antiseptic cream afterwards though do tend to settle things down.

    The things you go through to be en-femme/smooth eh?


    1. She is the owner of the salon and the only person working there so no risk of getting somebody different next time. I would guess shoe would have to keep everything cinfidential or risk a liable law suit. She didn’t seem the type to spill the beans on others though.

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