Music to my lips

I was always infatuated with older women when I was going through puberty. The girls in my year at school didn’t really do anything for me. There were two or three who liked to wear underskirts under their school skirts which were visible through the kick flap at the back of the skirt and those girls always intrigued me, but I never really fancied them.

Some of my teachers on the other hand were stunning.

One in particular who was somebody you would describe as “mumsy” was my favourite. She was very kind and gentle. Always wore a dress or skirt and top with high heels. At Christmas she always wore gorgeous long dresses which were quite thin so she usually wore an underskirt with them. I recall one day in class she wore an orange flowery dress, matchin heels and he underskirt or “slip” as some call them just showed a tiny bit below the hem of her dress. The white lace was an instant attraction to me and when she bent over you could see the satin of the underskirt against the dress.

I was hard for almost all of that lesson. It was lunch time when it ended and we all trooped back to the main building of the school which was being renovated and the class room I had been in was a 5 min walk from the school building.

I had “accidently” left a pen behind and had to go back for it. The teacher was still in the class and was surprised to see me back. I had of course planned this next bit.

I explained I’d left my pen and she helped me find it. All the time I was watching her underskirt and the way her dress swished as she moved. Once found I put it in my school bag and pulled out a christmas card for her which she thanked me for.

I then said “oh and a very merry Christmas” as I pulled out some mistletoe. She giggle as I held it up and she stepped closer to me. I recall the event in slow motion as if it were earlier today. The smell of her perfume, the smell of her hair, the swish of her dress. I rested my hand on her waist working it round to the small of her back. Gently pulling her in as she moved closer. I kiseed her on the lips with a slightly open mouth and it lingered as my cock grew rigid against her thigh. I so wanted to kiss her again and slip my toungue onto her mouth but I was so nervous and she was afterall my treacher. Insread she gave me a little hug and a kiss on the nose and forehead. There is no way she could not have felt my cock straining against her. I wanted her so much.

“Merry Christmas” she said as we parted and the moment was over. I headed to lunch. It was the source material for many boyhood pleasure sessions I can tell you.

Dirty tranny girl xxx



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