After party outing

A good friend of my other half is coming over this weekend for a boozy evening and catchup before holiday season kicks off. She is quite young, very pretty, if a little boring to talk to. She tends to wear skinny jeans and horrid t-shirts along with gastley flat sandals. She looks lovely in a dress or skirt and top but that is a rare event.

I will of course offer to take her home in the car at the end of the night but this is usually to allow me to go for a drive dressed as Becky afterwards. She normally goes home at 2am-ish.

This time I intend to have my dress on under my jacket and joggies and some makeup ready to go. Once I’ve dropped her off, me and the other half will head to a local car park, get my makeup on, change to my dressy jacket and go for a walk. During my walk I’ll change shoes and slip on my high heels. As I continue along the road I’ll slip out of my joggies to reveal my dress.

Soon after its back to the car, drive to a country lane, headlights on and head out infront of the car. I don’t wear knickers on these drives so hopefully just lift my dress and underskirt before releaving my hard cock of its hot sticky cum.

Maybe one day I’ll be joined by somebody else? I’d love to suck her cock til she cums in my mouth.

Becky Boo xxx


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