About 10 years ago, I used to live alone, in my 3 bed house. I had my own garden front and back and life was pretty sweet. The only thing missing was an understanding woman in my life who would embrace my dressing and perhaps even help me.

In the mean time, I had a very good neighbour who lived through the wall from me, next door. She was married, although I don’t think it was a happy marriage. He was away most of the time working abroad and she didn’t seem to have any friends. None who I saw anyway.

She was a really lovely person and quite attractive too, although the big baggy jumpers and horrible jeans she wore tended to hide that fact. I think she was attracted to me as well and when I came home from work I usually found her in the front garden on nice days, mowing the lawn or cleaning her car. She would make a bee line and we would chat for ages.

In hind sight I wish I’d invited her over a few times for dinner etc, just for the company when her husband was away.

When he was home, she seemed to make a lot of noise, esp. when she was having sex. her moans and screams would penetrate my walls and turn me on. I’ve no idea if that was her intention. I used to do that same on the rare occasion I’d bring home a girl.

I eventually met somebody and we bought a house together. I was moving out soon when she caught me partially dressed, just hold ups, high heels and a camisole. She was mowing the lawn and I was in my living room. She looked in the window, mouth ajar as I lay on my sofa watching some light porn. one of the 900 channels on Sky TV. It was not a deliberate act, in fact I thought she was out.

I made out that I didn’t see me and she pretended she didn’t see me. I was hard as a rock, touching my self and slowly masturbating in front of her. She continued mowing the law, barley taking her eyes off me. I started to move faster, sitting more upright and moaning in pleasure. She had managed to stop near the window to empty the lawn mower. I was rubbing the silk of my camisole on my chest as I pumped away at my rock hard cock. Getting ready to cum I sat up right and grabbed a few tissues and held them ready to catch my load. As i came I moaned out very loudly and looked up at her deliberately. She was staring back with a sly grin on her face as she saw my hot spunk, spurt from my cock.

I hurried away to clean up and cover up and she, I presume went back to mowing the lawn.

Later than night I heard her moans and screams of pleasure through the wall as she shouted “I love to masturbate”. I guess that was her way of telling me she enjoyed the show.

I soon moved out and regret never speaking to her about that day.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx



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