A better solution

Today I’m underdressed at work in a camisole and knickers set in ivory silk. A much better choice than a teddy with no poppers.

A recent body wax means shear hold ups too in black.

Tomorrow I’ll wear much the same but then tomorrow, I’m on holiday. So over my silk lingerie will go a silk dress and I’ll also wear some high heels. I’ll spend some time practicing my makeup before getting my wife to re do it for me.

Then, its Christmas party time… yay! I’ll be wearing this;

DTG xxx


Teddy cuddles

I’m underdressed today again. This time a white silk teddy with ribbon straps which don’t show through my hoodie.

Except there are no poppers. Every woman will know this pain. Now I too sympathise. No poppers means a trip to the loo involved striping down to your birthday suit to take the teddy off. 

Camisole and knickers tomorrow. 

DTG xxx

Underdressed at last

After much planning and trying various items of lingerie on under male clothes to see how much of a strap can be seen, I have managed to find something that is easily hidden and today, at work, I’m underdressed.

It’s a fairly simple concept. One that The Recovering Crossdresser gave me in one of her blog entries. Basically put, you wear your femme lingerie under your work clothes but hide it with strategic pieces of male attire. So today for example, ivory silk French knickers, matching cross over swing set ivory silk camisole and black opaque lace top holdups. All hidden under a pair of loose trousers, a t-shirt and a jumper with verticals stripes on it. You would never know what I was wearing under my male clothes unless you either saw it or felt for the spaghetti straps under my jumper.

I have a new person sitting behind me but other than that the desks here are quite sparsely used. Mind you she is gorgeous are loves to talk about clothes, makeup, shoes and going to the gym. I love to listen in sometimes. She’s the type of person I’d love to be caught by.

Perhaps it is just a fantasy of mine? Or do most crossdressers have the same fantasy? Mine has evolved over the years. I used to want to be caught by my favourite female teacher at school, wearing some silky lingerie and for her to fore feminise me before using me to her own end. She would reveal her own sexy lingerie and force me to wear more before forcing me to go down on here then have sex with her. She would use her position of power over me to have me when ever she¬†wanted. That fantasy grew as I did, the teacher was replaced by one of my sisters friends, then by girls I went to university with and now it is co-workers. Specifically the type of co-workers who wear the type of clothes I love to wear myself. Skirts and dresses, heels, black opaque, sheer blouses etc. Whileswt trying not to be too shallow, only the ones I find attractive really. It wouldn’t be a great fantasy otherwise. Do others have the same ideas?

I’m tempted to flash her but then that would open up a can of worms. The world does not work the way it does in my fantasy. She wouldn’t want to whisk me outside for a walk in the woods to see my lingerie, to show me hers, to have quick and dirty sex in the bushes. Life is a lot more complex than that.

In the mean time, I’m underdressed and enjoying the feeling.

Dirty tranny girl xxx