Busy night

Friday night was drive night. Regular readers will know that I like to get made up and dressed up on a Friday night and go for a drive. I stop in a country lane or deserted business park and then have a walk. Usually before long, my knickers are round my ankles, my skirt or dress is round my waist and I’m cumming on the pavement.

So I got my makeup on, just some light mascara, eye shadow and lipgloss. I picked my outfit and got dressed. Normally I wear something demure but sexy on the colder nights. A silk maxi dress, or satin midi dress. This Friday I went full slut and wore a micro mini skirt, black sheer lace top hold ups, black satin heels, and a white square necked chiffon layered top. My skirt didn’t really cover very much and I declined to wear knickers.

I went to my usually haunt to get the male clothes I’d worn over the top of my femme clothes off only to notice a new cctv camera on the side of a nearby building. I decided to move on to another place and managed to get my femme clothes sorted out and my heels on.

For some reason it was very busy on Friday in my village. A lot of cars about which kind of freaked me out a bit. I’ve only once been caught in the headlights of another car when dressed but they sped off as quickly as they could. I drove to the area where I normally have my fun only for yet another car to drive past me. I racked my brain for other areas nearby that I could use to finish things off and even went to check them out. More cars. More cctv. Not good

Eventually I went back to my usual haunt and checked out the nearby business to see what was going on incase there were more cars. There were but nobody about and all lights out. I took the risk and went up to the road when I normally sat, under the lamppost that hasn’t worked for nearly a year. I sat for what seemed like ages before stepping out of the car. I decided to leave my door wide open in case I needed to use it to hide behind. I started my walk, enjoying the click of my heels on the ground. I reached under my tiny skirt for my cock and slowly masturbated. I was getting very excited by now, enjoying the feeling, enjoying the click of my heels. I undid the ribbon round my skirt and was preparing to let my skirt fall to the ground when I spotted what I thought was a fox behind the car. I stooped down to avoid being seen as I investigated. It was a man walking towards me.

Thankfully my door was open and he was far enough away from me probably to not see what was going on. I slipped my jacket back on and used the door to hide my stocking clad legs and mini skirt. I got back into the car and quickly drove off.

I didn’t managed to get myself off that evening, disappointing really. I just hope that I am not losing my secret paces to do my thing at.

DTG xxx