I recently started working in an office again which is a bit of a drag after working from home for so many years.

As a cross dresser, working from home offers a lot of opportunity to dress up. I’d get up in the morning, shower, shave and dress for the office. It may be a nice dress, or skirt and blouse combination. Sometimes I’d simply sit at my desk in my nightdress or teddy.

I seem to recall doing this a lot, but to be honest I don’t think it happened very often at all. I always thought I’d have more time to dress during the day, but sometimes, just sometimes, it gets in the way and I had to dress in drab.

Working in an office though has many advantages, esp with our graduate programme which is full of young women who seem to think the office is a place to parade themselves, dressing in as little as possible. I’ve seen girls on a night out wearing more. Short skirts, dresses, lots of opaque tights, high heels, silks tops, satin blouses, chiffon dresses, you name it… For me, paradise.

I can’t help but fantasise about some of these girls, how I would take them over their desk, their dress round their waist, kickers round their ankles… Hmmmmmm how sexy.

In reality, none of them would look at me twice. Some dirty old man perving at them. Which brings me to one of the very few cons of working from home for me. I was too close to my kitchen. Since 2010 I’ve put on 34lbs and now it is having an effect on my life. To combat it I’ve joined a slimming class and I’m doing quite well. I’ve already lost 14lbs and my own clothes are starting to fit better. The next step is to make sure my dresses and skirts fit me better. I know I’ll never have the figure these girls in the office have but I can dream. I’d love to just faint into the clothes that I see in the shops, most of which seems to stop at a size 16. I saw a gorgeous black lace playsuit recently in Quizz but their 16 says a 33″ waist! What? That’s more like a size 12!

I should stop thinking about these things though. They just get me down. After proof reading this, I feel down on myself and in need of cheering up. That usually meant a chocolate bar which completed the vicious circle, but today, it’s an apple.

I’m not really sure where this blog post was meant to go or the point of it other than to have a blether.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


New Waxings?

The place I go just now for a full body wax is quite a distance away from my home and given it is in the city centre it is quite expensive.

A new place has opened up nearer me but is run by one person. This of course means less availability during busy times and also If I change, a trust would need to be built up between myself and the beautician. As easy as it sounds for a man to drop his pants for a woman, when it comes to waxing, thats not the case.

I think for now I might try her for an eyebrow waxing to see how I get on. See if shes any good and to see if I like her enough or trust her enough to wrap my balls in hot wax!

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

Fresh beginings

I closed my old blog down in a purge to rid myself of clutter and unused space. I miss it. The purpose of that blog was to vent my feelings in longer prose than Twitter would allow. This blog however is more of a memory lane place for me to remember my escapades from my earlier years as a transvestite, trying to find her way in the world, and trying to find herself.

This blog will contain stories of a sexual nature and explicit material of my journey as a transvestite. If you don’t want to read it, time to move on.

OK are they gone? Good… Then we can begin…….

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx