Dream guys

I had hoped to go for a drive on Sunday night given it was a holiday Monday. However we had decided to go for a picnic on Monday during the day to have some fun together outdoors.
It meant I was feeling a little sexually frustrated on Sunday night and this lead to some pretty filthy dreams that night.

In my dream I was dressed as well as I could be. My makeup was all done and my wig was well fitted. I was wearing an ivory silk full sleeved blouse, a black silk camisole, a black silk pencil skirt, black sheer lace top holdups, back silk thong and black patent leather high heel shoes.

I was driving home late at night when the car started to make a funny noise, it shook and conked out on a deserted road in and industrial estate. I didn’t have breakdown cover so I had a quick look to see what the problem was but I dint want to ruin my manicured French polished nails. I saw some head lights in the distance and thought I was possible enough so I’d try to flag down the vehicle to help.

The van stopped and out stepped some androgynous rather faceless men in loin clothes. (You see where this is going, don’t you?) They we’re looking at me and touching me, 5 or 6 of them. Their hands were all over me, touching me and kissing my neck. Slowly lifting my skirt and pulling their loin clothes off, pushing their hard cocks against me.

Then she stepped out of the van. A vision. Her back pvc skirt, matching basque, fish nets, high heels and red flamed hairs. “STOP” she shouted and the men backed off.

She approached me and looked me up and down. She slowly kissed me, just a brush of the lips, enough for our lipgloss to meet.

She clicked her fingers and the men came back to me, kissing me, touching me and lifting my skirt. My thong was pulled down and my hard cock sprung free. They were touching me making me moan with pleasure, stroking my cock and one even started licking me, gently sucking my balls.

The woman seems to direct the men on what to do. She slowly approaches and ties a silk scarf around my cock, telling me not to spoil it.

The men are now penetrating me, a hard cock slides inside me, I have a cock in my mouth and one in each hand. I’m pulled to the ground which seems to turn into a massive bed. They are all over me, pulling at me, fucking me, spit roasting me. Then they start to cum. I get a load of creamy cum in my face, in my mouth, it’s dribbling down my chin. One guy cums in my ass, his load pouring out of me, soaking my hold ups and knickers which are still round my knees. They are cumming on me, slacking my blouse and skirt. I’m bathed in their hot creamy mess and loving it.

The woman approaches and takes the scarf of. It’s sticky with my pre-cum and she tuts, shaking her head slowly. She wipes the cum fro my face and kisses me, sucking my tongue into her mouth. She pulls up her skirt and lies back. I slowly enter her, sliding so easily into her. My rhythm speed up. She moans in excitement as she rubs her clit, making herself cum. I feel her pussy tighten around my cock, aware of the cum dripping from my blouse on to her basque and the spunk dribbling down my skirt and hold ups.

I can’t hold back and cum hard inside her. Filling her with cum, spurt after spurt. I pull out and my cum floods out of her. She has one of her men clean her up and they head back to their van before driving off.

It is around that time when I wake up with a rock hard cock in need of some attention.

DTG xxx


Love in the wilderness

This morning I had a good scrub in the shower followed by a very close shave. I sorted my eyebrows and made sure my toes were nicely painted.

I slipped into my nude coloured silk teddy and some nude lace top hold ups before putting on a shirt, trousers and some hiking boots.

My other half put on a sexy bra, matching g-string and put on trousers, a top and her hiking boots.

We were going on an adventure.

We arrived at a large open renewable energy windmill site that stretched for miles and miles through forest and over hill. It was our first time but we planned on having a little fun when out for a walk. I lifted the rucksack onto my back, first checking my high heels were not going to dig into my back.

We set off, quite late in the afternoon where most folks were heading back to the car park, heading home for dinner or afternoon tea. It was about 3 or 4 miles before we got to where we wanted to be and where we would have some fun.

We sat for a while enjoying the peace and quiet, but also to make sure we really were alone. We were like school kids, excited and nervous. We started kissing, slowly at first, but soon we were undressing each other and faster than I expected I was in just my lingerie and high heels with my other half slowly sucking my cock. We swapped places and I pulled her g-string to the side as I licked her clit and fingered her soaking wet pussy. “Make me cum” she gasped as I licked, sucked and fingered. She moaned in pleasure as she came on my face. Her wetness dribbling down my chin.

We kissed some more before she pulled out the lube and my dildo. It slipped inside me so easily and I rode it hard, stroking my cock harder and harder. I gasped as my orgasm enveloped me and spurt after spurt of hot creamy spunk exploded from my cock on to her face.

We cleaned up, cleared away our mess and re-dressed. It was a satisfying walk back to the car.

DTG xxx


Busy night

Friday night was drive night. Regular readers will know that I like to get made up and dressed up on a Friday night and go for a drive. I stop in a country lane or deserted business park and then have a walk. Usually before long, my knickers are round my ankles, my skirt or dress is round my waist and I’m cumming on the pavement.

So I got my makeup on, just some light mascara, eye shadow and lipgloss. I picked my outfit and got dressed. Normally I wear something demure but sexy on the colder nights. A silk maxi dress, or satin midi dress. This Friday I went full slut and wore a micro mini skirt, black sheer lace top hold ups, black satin heels, and a white square necked chiffon layered top. My skirt didn’t really cover very much and I declined to wear knickers.

I went to my usually haunt to get the male clothes I’d worn over the top of my femme clothes off only to notice a new cctv camera on the side of a nearby building. I decided to move on to another place and managed to get my femme clothes sorted out and my heels on.

For some reason it was very busy on Friday in my village. A lot of cars about which kind of freaked me out a bit. I’ve only once been caught in the headlights of another car when dressed but they sped off as quickly as they could. I drove to the area where I normally have my fun only for yet another car to drive past me. I racked my brain for other areas nearby that I could use to finish things off and even went to check them out. More cars. More cctv. Not good

Eventually I went back to my usual haunt and checked out the nearby business to see what was going on incase there were more cars. There were but nobody about and all lights out. I took the risk and went up to the road when I normally sat, under the lamppost that hasn’t worked for nearly a year. I sat for what seemed like ages before stepping out of the car. I decided to leave my door wide open in case I needed to use it to hide behind. I started my walk, enjoying the click of my heels on the ground. I reached under my tiny skirt for my cock and slowly masturbated. I was getting very excited by now, enjoying the feeling, enjoying the click of my heels. I undid the ribbon round my skirt and was preparing to let my skirt fall to the ground when I spotted what I thought was a fox behind the car. I stooped down to avoid being seen as I investigated. It was a man walking towards me.

Thankfully my door was open and he was far enough away from me probably to not see what was going on. I slipped my jacket back on and used the door to hide my stocking clad legs and mini skirt. I got back into the car and quickly drove off.

I didn’t managed to get myself off that evening, disappointing really. I just hope that I am not losing my secret paces to do my thing at.

DTG xxx


******* Very sexually explicit *******
Christmas is a time for giving, and a time for receiving. I managed both quite happily.

I’ve fantasised quite often about having sex with other dressed girls for many years. I’ve met a few girls in recent years too which lead to giving and receiving protected oral. As she straddled me and I wanked her off, she came in a condom. I was at her entrance ready to slide inside her, pushing the tip of my cock past her opening. I didn’t go all in but I wanted to.

I’ve always wanted to have a girl grab me, push me down, push my dress up and fuck me hard.

This Christmas I decided to take that fantasy to another level.

Over the years I’ve discussed this fantasy with other girls on sites such as tvchix.com, and the resounding response was to continue just with oral and avoid anal all together. But that didn’t satisfy my curiosity and I still wanted to try it. Most repsonders urged me to go oral without a condom on and take a guys cum in my mouth. I’m a bit OCD with cleanliness so that idea never really appealed too much. I wanted to give something a go though so a few years back when I met with someone I let something happen that I instantly regretted. 

We were both fully dressed and she was OK with kissing. I must admit though I wasn’t too into that. Our makeup may have helped in the masquerade of identity but it was instantly recognisable that I was snogging a bloke in a dress. However things moved on to the next stage quite quickly. Typical men! I was soon sucking her cock and she, mine. A 69 with a woman is something I love but with another cross dresser it was nothing special. So I went back to working her cock with my hand and mouth, wondering if she was the one to pop my anal cherry. She was getting very excited and unfortunately the condom came off in my hand. She went to sort it but I kept going saying it was OK. Very soon with a grunt and a gasp, she came. Her hot creamy load splattering on my underskirt/slip, hold ups and on the hem of my dress. My OCD kicked in and I was disgusted with having somebody’s cum all over me. The realisation that I’d need to wash it off made it a little worse. The evening quickly fizzled out.

It convinced me that having a girl cum in my mouth was not something I wanted to do. I couldn’t bear sombodys cum landing on me let alone in my mouth.

But I still wanted a cock in my arse all be with protection, and somebody holding my hips as they fucked me. I wanted to push back on her, the material of our stockings and hold ups rubbing. The silk of my dress round my waist….

I find this odd even by my own standards.

So I found a pseudo solution. I bought my wife a strap on this Christmas.

We agreed our safe words, bought some lube, and got ourselves quite tipsy. We were both dressed quite slutty but demure at the same time. A silk dress but so much lip gloss that it was practically dripping off me. Stripper heels. Hold ups etc. She was in a basque and suspenders with red satin high heels and nothing else. We had a good giggle fitting her with her new cock and we laughed so hard as I sucked her off. The rubber of the strap on was nothing like a real cock in my mouth.

I was lubed up and the strap on was protected with a condom and lubed also. We were kissing so hard and before I knew it she had thrown me on the bed turned me over and pulled my dress up. This was it. I was about have anal sex only it was me with my hips in the air trying to push back. She slowly edged tip of the rubber cock into me.

I’ve used dildos and anal toys in the past but they were always self controlled. I always wanted to push them deeper but this was a new experience.

It wasn’t as painful as many had made out it would be. In fact I loved the feeling as it slid slowly inside me. She guided it in and out laughing as she watched “her cock” fuck me. She got it in me all the way to the hilt. She was now balls deep inside me! It took a few mins for her to get a rhythm going but by now I was moaning in extasy as I was fucked from behind. I was pushin back on the cock, willing it deeper, wanting it to cum inside me but knowing it never would. I started to masturbate taking what felt like seconds to spurt my hot spunk into the condom I was wearing to protect the bed sheets.

She slowed and stopped. Pulling the cock out of me with a plop. We cleaned up. She was so turned on that her pussy was soaking. We wish now we had a strap on that stimulated her as she fucked me. I went down on her, licking her to climax and leaving us both in need of a shower.

The problem with living out a good fantasy is that it leaves you wanting more, it doesn’t satisfy you. But next time I want a real cock. 

DTG xxx

Underdressed at last

After much planning and trying various items of lingerie on under male clothes to see how much of a strap can be seen, I have managed to find something that is easily hidden and today, at work, I’m underdressed.

It’s a fairly simple concept. One that The Recovering Crossdresser gave me in one of her blog entries. Basically put, you wear your femme lingerie under your work clothes but hide it with strategic pieces of male attire. So today for example, ivory silk French knickers, matching cross over swing set ivory silk camisole and black opaque lace top holdups. All hidden under a pair of loose trousers, a t-shirt and a jumper with verticals stripes on it. You would never know what I was wearing under my male clothes unless you either saw it or felt for the spaghetti straps under my jumper.

I have a new person sitting behind me but other than that the desks here are quite sparsely used. Mind you she is gorgeous are loves to talk about clothes, makeup, shoes and going to the gym. I love to listen in sometimes. She’s the type of person I’d love to be caught by.

Perhaps it is just a fantasy of mine? Or do most crossdressers have the same fantasy? Mine has evolved over the years. I used to want to be caught by my favourite female teacher at school, wearing some silky lingerie and for her to fore feminise me before using me to her own end. She would reveal her own sexy lingerie and force me to wear more before forcing me to go down on here then have sex with her. She would use her position of power over me to have me when ever she wanted. That fantasy grew as I did, the teacher was replaced by one of my sisters friends, then by girls I went to university with and now it is co-workers. Specifically the type of co-workers who wear the type of clothes I love to wear myself. Skirts and dresses, heels, black opaque, sheer blouses etc. Whileswt trying not to be too shallow, only the ones I find attractive really. It wouldn’t be a great fantasy otherwise. Do others have the same ideas?

I’m tempted to flash her but then that would open up a can of worms. The world does not work the way it does in my fantasy. She wouldn’t want to whisk me outside for a walk in the woods to see my lingerie, to show me hers, to have quick and dirty sex in the bushes. Life is a lot more complex than that.

In the mean time, I’m underdressed and enjoying the feeling.

Dirty tranny girl xxx


About 10 years ago, I used to live alone, in my 3 bed house. I had my own garden front and back and life was pretty sweet. The only thing missing was an understanding woman in my life who would embrace my dressing and perhaps even help me.

In the mean time, I had a very good neighbour who lived through the wall from me, next door. She was married, although I don’t think it was a happy marriage. He was away most of the time working abroad and she didn’t seem to have any friends. None who I saw anyway.

She was a really lovely person and quite attractive too, although the big baggy jumpers and horrible jeans she wore tended to hide that fact. I think she was attracted to me as well and when I came home from work I usually found her in the front garden on nice days, mowing the lawn or cleaning her car. She would make a bee line and we would chat for ages.

In hind sight I wish I’d invited her over a few times for dinner etc, just for the company when her husband was away.

When he was home, she seemed to make a lot of noise, esp. when she was having sex. her moans and screams would penetrate my walls and turn me on. I’ve no idea if that was her intention. I used to do that same on the rare occasion I’d bring home a girl.

I eventually met somebody and we bought a house together. I was moving out soon when she caught me partially dressed, just hold ups, high heels and a camisole. She was mowing the lawn and I was in my living room. She looked in the window, mouth ajar as I lay on my sofa watching some light porn. one of the 900 channels on Sky TV. It was not a deliberate act, in fact I thought she was out.

I made out that I didn’t see me and she pretended she didn’t see me. I was hard as a rock, touching my self and slowly masturbating in front of her. She continued mowing the law, barley taking her eyes off me. I started to move faster, sitting more upright and moaning in pleasure. She had managed to stop near the window to empty the lawn mower. I was rubbing the silk of my camisole on my chest as I pumped away at my rock hard cock. Getting ready to cum I sat up right and grabbed a few tissues and held them ready to catch my load. As i came I moaned out very loudly and looked up at her deliberately. She was staring back with a sly grin on her face as she saw my hot spunk, spurt from my cock.

I hurried away to clean up and cover up and she, I presume went back to mowing the lawn.

Later than night I heard her moans and screams of pleasure through the wall as she shouted “I love to masturbate”. I guess that was her way of telling me she enjoyed the show.

I soon moved out and regret never speaking to her about that day.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx


Fuel Crisis

So as mentioned before, I planned on heading out on Friday night for a drive dressed as Becky.

After dropping off my other half friend at 2am, we got ready head to my usual secluded country lane, but then disaster. My low fuel warning light came on. I knew I would not have enough fuel to get to where I wanted to go and back again. And of course, there are no 24 hour garages to fill up at where I live.

So whats a girl to do?!

Well, I headed to a business park where I used to work which was on the way home from where the other halfs freind lives.

I slipped my t-shirt off and put on my dress which was an over the head affair, no zips or anything like that. I put on my lace beloro and sorted my self out. All I had to do was take off my trainers, jeans and put on my high heels. Simple and quick enough to do. I had parked the car in an area next to a car park so it would not look out of place and being familiar with the area, I knew which businesses had CCTV and which would have staff on that night. I avoided both and went for a lovely walk round the area. My heels were clicking and my dress was swishing and it was lovely.

Of course I was rock hard by now and my other half felt me though my dress. We kissed gently and she slowly lifted my dress and underskirt. Taking me in hand and stroking me. I was getting rather excited and she bent in front of me to take me in her mouth, sucking me gently. It was so sensual and lovely that it didn’t take long for me to climax and cum in her mouth. She swallowed the lot.

We headed home, undressed and chatted rubish for a while before falling asleep for hours!

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

After party outing

A good friend of my other half is coming over this weekend for a boozy evening and catchup before holiday season kicks off. She is quite young, very pretty, if a little boring to talk to. She tends to wear skinny jeans and horrid t-shirts along with gastley flat sandals. She looks lovely in a dress or skirt and top but that is a rare event.

I will of course offer to take her home in the car at the end of the night but this is usually to allow me to go for a drive dressed as Becky afterwards. She normally goes home at 2am-ish.

This time I intend to have my dress on under my jacket and joggies and some makeup ready to go. Once I’ve dropped her off, me and the other half will head to a local car park, get my makeup on, change to my dressy jacket and go for a walk. During my walk I’ll change shoes and slip on my high heels. As I continue along the road I’ll slip out of my joggies to reveal my dress.

Soon after its back to the car, drive to a country lane, headlights on and head out infront of the car. I don’t wear knickers on these drives so hopefully just lift my dress and underskirt before releaving my hard cock of its hot sticky cum.

Maybe one day I’ll be joined by somebody else? I’d love to suck her cock til she cums in my mouth.

Becky Boo xxx

Music to my lips

I was always infatuated with older women when I was going through puberty. The girls in my year at school didn’t really do anything for me. There were two or three who liked to wear underskirts under their school skirts which were visible through the kick flap at the back of the skirt and those girls always intrigued me, but I never really fancied them.

Some of my teachers on the other hand were stunning.

One in particular who was somebody you would describe as “mumsy” was my favourite. She was very kind and gentle. Always wore a dress or skirt and top with high heels. At Christmas she always wore gorgeous long dresses which were quite thin so she usually wore an underskirt with them. I recall one day in class she wore an orange flowery dress, matchin heels and he underskirt or “slip” as some call them just showed a tiny bit below the hem of her dress. The white lace was an instant attraction to me and when she bent over you could see the satin of the underskirt against the dress.

I was hard for almost all of that lesson. It was lunch time when it ended and we all trooped back to the main building of the school which was being renovated and the class room I had been in was a 5 min walk from the school building.

I had “accidently” left a pen behind and had to go back for it. The teacher was still in the class and was surprised to see me back. I had of course planned this next bit.

I explained I’d left my pen and she helped me find it. All the time I was watching her underskirt and the way her dress swished as she moved. Once found I put it in my school bag and pulled out a christmas card for her which she thanked me for.

I then said “oh and a very merry Christmas” as I pulled out some mistletoe. She giggle as I held it up and she stepped closer to me. I recall the event in slow motion as if it were earlier today. The smell of her perfume, the smell of her hair, the swish of her dress. I rested my hand on her waist working it round to the small of her back. Gently pulling her in as she moved closer. I kiseed her on the lips with a slightly open mouth and it lingered as my cock grew rigid against her thigh. I so wanted to kiss her again and slip my toungue onto her mouth but I was so nervous and she was afterall my treacher. Insread she gave me a little hug and a kiss on the nose and forehead. There is no way she could not have felt my cock straining against her. I wanted her so much.

“Merry Christmas” she said as we parted and the moment was over. I headed to lunch. It was the source material for many boyhood pleasure sessions I can tell you.

Dirty tranny girl xxx


Odd place to be doing “it”

So whats the strangest place you have ever had sex? Comments below  :o)

As for me, well I’ve had sex in a few strange places. In a lift, in a car at the side of ac ountry road, in a car park, I’ve even made a girl cum with my toe in a public swimming pool. The best was possibly in a lingerie/sex shop called Ann Summers. It was a few years ago and I was seeing one of the girls who worked there. She knew about my dressing. I went into the shop just as they were closing to pick her up and head out for the night. Now Ann Summers has a lingerie dept. that used to be an independant shop called Knickerbox. I was having a look at a few things and found a gorgeous babydoll and suspender set in baby pink with black stripes down it. I asked if I could try it on and she said sure, go ahead. So I did. I was so turned on and my girlfriend popped her head in the changing room to check I was OK and to tell me it was time to go. However I was still in the lingerie. I already had holdups on and had been shopping for a few things so had with me a new pair of high heels. She loved the outfit and she started to caress the soft satin. Soon we were kissing and before long her knickers and tights were round her ankles as I drove me hard cock into her from behind. She hadn’t been alone in the shop and the other girl stuck her head in the changing rooms telling us to hurry up! It was quite bizzare being told to hurry up and cum so they could lock up the shop. I did cum but we didn’t have any tissues to clean up with so my girlfriend shouted to her work pal (they were close friends as well) for something to clean up with. Some kleenex were thrown under the changing room door and we got cleaned. I had to buy the lingerie though. She couldn’t put it back on the rack after we had had sex in it! So I bought it, she closed the shop and we went out on the town. When we got home, we did it all again in my new lingerie set.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx