I’ve been reading a lot of trans erotica recently, and I’ve noticed that it is the same story repeated every time. Basically the man meets the trans person, doesn’t know, finds out but is very tuned on, suddenly becomes bi-sexual to suck off the trans person then they have sex. The only things that seems to change is the location and what they are wearing.

It got me thinking about my own stories though and my own life seems to mirror this. The only things changing are the clothes and the location. I go through the same routines, the same sexual urges and the same eventual conclusion.

Is life that predictable for us?

What I really want to do is go out more to trans friendly places but I still feel I am not passable enough. I still feel I’d be laughed at in the situation and that ultimately I’d be rejected. An outcast from “normal” life and shunned by other trans people.

I think that may because I find dressing has once more become a sexual thing rather than something I enjoy or feel normal doing. But is that something that I can control and change or is it a cyclical thing in life just like the stories that cycle through new locations.

I find myself entering a phase in life wher I’m questioning my own very existence, but more specifically my trans side. Do we ever satisfy our self doubt?

DTG xxx

Quiet time

It’s been a quiet time for me these past few weeks. I’ve not had the inclination to dress as much as normal and even underestimate at work has not been very appealing. I know this slump is nothing to worry about, I know I’m not out growing cross dressing, I’ve just had other things on my mind.

I’ve been very tired recently too. I think something has been working on me, I’m not my usual grumpy self. I did end up having surgery recent too, just day surgery but still, never pleasant. Perhaps that coupled with some money worries and the need for a clear out have gotten me down a bit. Money worries are a constant thing for most I’m sure, I’m trying to find ways to cut back and save a bob or two. I noticed my spending was getting out of control. I spent £40 on coffees this past month alone. Insane for a hot drink so at work I’m on a jar of instant and a 40p bottle of milk. Car insurance is due soon, house insurance is due, ex wife champing at the bit for child maintenance, at least there is no council text for 2 months until it goes up for next year. I live in Scotland and our government has decided not to pass on increased tax allowances that the rest of the UK will get in order to have more money to spend on public services. It annoys me that I will pay £400 a year more than somebody doing the same job in England and as a result some big fat lazy turd gets to upgrade their sky to to the full package, or some lazy single mother can get rid of their child into child care for longer so she can watch more Jeremy Kyle. Sickening. 

I best sign off before I go on a rant.

Yours in silk, DTG xxx

A better solution

Today I’m underdressed at work in a camisole and knickers set in ivory silk. A much better choice than a teddy with no poppers.

A recent body wax means shear hold ups too in black.

Tomorrow I’ll wear much the same but then tomorrow, I’m on holiday. So over my silk lingerie will go a silk dress and I’ll also wear some high heels. I’ll spend some time practicing my makeup before getting my wife to re do it for me.

Then, its Christmas party time… yay! I’ll be wearing this;

DTG xxx

Teddy cuddles

I’m underdressed today again. This time a white silk teddy with ribbon straps which don’t show through my hoodie.

Except there are no poppers. Every woman will know this pain. Now I too sympathise. No poppers means a trip to the loo involved striping down to your birthday suit to take the teddy off. 

Camisole and knickers tomorrow. 

DTG xxx


I’ve been feeling pretty down recently, my wife is having a rough time at work, I’ve changed jobs and there have been a few screw ups with my new salary meaning I’ve been paid too little and the tax man has been paid too much. Time seem to be flying by as well and I never seem to have time to myself now. When I worked from home I seemed to have loads of time and I’m starting to have pangs of regret leaving my old job. Perhaps once my pay has been sorted out and the money starts rolling in as it should be, I’ll feel better, but currently, I feel down.
I sometimes turn to dressing as a means of escaping real life. Slip on a dress and heels and suddenly I’m not me anymore, I’m somebody else. Soon however, the realisation that my problems are not left at the wardrobe door catches up with me and I feel silly and angry. I usually end up pulling the dress off and chucking the high heels to the back of the cupboard. Angry at myself for either letting my problems get the better of me or angry that I thought putting a dress on will solve them.

On a positive note, my weight loss is going well. Nearly 20lbs dropped, the weight of a car tyre apparently. This has allowed me to fit back into a lot of clothes, not only in my male wardrobe, but my femme wardrobe as well. I had been thinking of selling a few things on eBay that I’ll never be able to wear again because they are too small (read, I’m too big), however wearing them again feels like it could be a possibility soon. I might end up having to sell the clothes that are too big instead.

I’ve now also booked my waxing appointments for the Christmas and new year fortnight. I’m not getting a whole body wax this time, just everything from the waist down, back and eye brows. The rest will be trimmed right back. This is mainly due to financial constraints but also the pain of a chest wax when your hair is as dark and thick as mine can be unbearable. I fully intend to dress at new year, wig, makeup, dress, lingerie and heels. Mind you I had that intention last year too and my wife and I ended up wearing our silk nightdresses and cuddling up on the sofa watching rubbish tv before retiring up the stairs. We watched some fireworks from the back window and hugged for a while, with the gorgeous silk nightwear we had on, we got quite horny and we ended up making love at the window, our nightdresses pulled up out the way. Even though I want to dress this NYE, I know something will either get in the way or I’ll end up not being bothered. At least I have a fall back in wearing a gorgeous full length silk nightdress again.

I’m in between waxing just now, the hair is growing again slightly but not enough to warrant another wax soon. I do hope it has grown enough in 4 weeks to make it worth spending the money I don’t really have on something that is to make me feel more femme at a time that I might not have the conviction to dress. I did notice at my last couple of waxes that the girl I go to has been using girly talk to get my skin taught. Regulars will know that I get all hair, and I do mean all hair, removed from the waist down. Waxing a flaccid penis is apparently not easy so something you will never ever be told, is that your waxer will have an easier time waxing you if your penis is erect, because the skin becomes taught. Regular readers will know that the girl at the salon I use knows about my dressing but I’ve noticed that when it comes to waxing that area she starts talking about dresses, high heels, makeup, lingerie etc. Of course the the subject gets me aroused as she asks about the lingerie I like to wear, do I prefer hold ups or stockings. How she wears hold ups sometimes under a dress to make herself feel really feminine and sexy. Even now I feel aroused thinking about it. It works for her, I become erect, she gets a easier life waxing me and I get a smoother finish so to speak. A win win all round. I just hope I don’t get too aroused. I once was so aroused that a bead of cum leaked out and rolled down my penis over a girls (gloved) hand once. That was a bit embarrassing.

Hopefully I’ll feel more of myself again soon. Christmas decorations will be up, although sometimes that just masks the sadness some are feeling underneath. I know I’m not depressed or anything, just sad and down in the dumps. I hope it lifts soon.

In the mean time, I may try out a new thing I’ve read about recently over on The Recovering Crossdressers blog. Underdressing at work. Basically it involves wearing your lingerie under your work clothes and hopefully not being caught. Feeling sexy and femme all day. At the most, I only ever wear knickers under my male clothes to work. In a job years ago, I used to wear knickers and hold ups. At my new job I don’t have to wear a shirt and trousers. Jeans and t-shirts are ok so I can fully under dress in hold ups, French knickers and a camisole, or a teddy and cover the strap lines easily with a striped jumper. Easier to do now we are into winter here in the U.K.

Dirty tranny girl xxx

Caught again…

The weather has taken a turn in recent days, the frosts have arrived and my home town is very cold. The big coats are out of the wardrobe and scarves and gloves are out in force.
One thing in the arsenal of a cross dresser that I love to wear in the winter months is a camisole or indeed a teddy. Especially silk ones, so sensual to wear and also very comfortable and warm! This weekend was the first time this season the camisoles were out. On Sunday I wore an ivory silk set from M&S, a swing camisole and matching French knickers. The swing part refers to the straps of the camisole which come together at the back, through a small clasp and back over the shoulders, giving a cross over effect without the straps actually crossing over.

So wondering around town I was nice and cosy, enjoying the feeling of the silk against my skin, knowing that the lingerie I was wearing was probably sexier than most of the women walking past me. I was warm and felt really sexy.

We decided to go for dinner in a shopping mall which was on the way home and ended up in Nando’s. It was round about now that it hit me that i was wearing just a t shirt over my camisole and the straps and adjustment clasps would be quite visible when my coat came off. I made sure to be sitting in a booth with a high back so nobody would see the straps through my t shirt and it seemed to work ok. We enjoyed a lovely dinner and we’re about half way through when I noticed one of the girls in the booth next to us looking quizzically at what I thought was my crotch area. Confused, I looked down to see the ivory silk of my camisole was hanging lower that my t shirt and she was close enough to see it was silk and close enough no doubt to see the metal “label” sewn onto the hem of the camisole. I was rumbled, it seemed to dawn on her what I was wearing under my t shirt.

I was slightly surprised then that given her age, she simply smiled at me and got on with her chat with her pal. I was expecting giggles and hushed talk. I was expecting her friend to be turning to look at the cross dresser next to them. I was expecting a scene. But no. Nothing happened. She looked over occasionally and I must admit it was a thrill to have her see the bottom of the camisole peeking out. Eventually they got up to leave and she smiled again as I pulled my t shirt down to cover my cami.

We left and headed home. I slept well that night, keeping my knickers and camisole on, for warmth. Honest 😉

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

Wax on, Wax off

So I went to a new wax salon this week and got everything from the waist down removed. Hair wise, of course.

The salon is a year old so still quite new and as I was a new client there was still that awkward relationship where a complete stranger asks you to remove your underwear and let her spread hot wax on your penis and rip it off again.

Legs were done first which were quick and easy. Next was my bum which again was quick and easy.

For guys who have never had a wax done, down there, you usually have to go on all fours with your elbows down and your bum up. Quite uncomfortable, so remember that the next time you ask your girlfriend to go doggy with you. You then get your scrotum and surounding area cleaned, dried and waxed. It it painful, there is no getting away from that. I tend to “spot” as well which is a very slight bleed on my scrotum in small spots. If this happens to you, make sure you either put some paper towls over yourself to protect against the blood drying on your underwear or removal of underwear later when you are home can be sore.

So we were chatting quite the thing and I was asked to turn over onto my back. They usually put a hand towel over you to pretend there is some modesty, before whipping it off to get a good look, clean and start waxing again.

Being a new girl, I was not used to her touch and quite instantly became erect. I know this can make it easier for a wax as the skin becomes taught. But i just seemed to get harder and harder. To the point soon where it was difficult for her to move it around. She carried on around it but got to the point where she needed to move it down and when she did so she managed to pull my foreskin back, all the way back! She apologied and tried to fix it and in effect sarted to pull at my foreskin back and forth. It was both heavenly and horrifying all at once and I had to stop her, telling he I would fix it. She apologied and giggled saying she just realised what she was doing. I fixed myself and she carried on, saying, “..well at least you didn’t cum on me.”

Should I have said something back? I was in too much shock. Perhpas she was nervous and blurted out what she shouldn’t have, and perhaps it was a saving grace that I didn’t respond. Maybe it was just the ice breaker that was needed to build a trust and ensure I go back.

We chatted some more and she asked why I get waxed. She said she has one other male client who is trans and gets waxed for that reason. She just asked outright if I was trans too? Again I was in shock at the question and sheepishly said yes. “Wonderful.” She said. “What sort of clothes do you like to wear?” The conversation went from nail polish, to heels, to makeup to dresses.

I think I’ll go back.

Dirty Tranny Girl

Under the weather

I’ve been feeling pretty “meh” for the past few weeks to be honest and havn’t had the inclination to do anything other than curl up on the sofa in my jammies, watch TV and sleep.

I must be coming out of it though. My mind is turning towards my next waxing session, to rid myself of this horrid hair and to slip back into lingerie, heels and a dress.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx

Insults galore

Over the years, many minority groups have been the butt of many jokes to joe public here in the “west”. Whether it was black people, Chinese, Asian or gay people, they were seen as a joke and to be made fun of.

Over the past few years and decades, a growing intolerance of making minority groups the butt of jokes has taken hold as equality was being embraced. We even saw new laws being passed that treat discrimination of people as hate crimes. Whilst this has not eliminated tensions between some groups of people it has certainly a fall back in law should there be a conflict.

This however does not seem to have spread to the trans community.

Recently we had a backlash against Caitlyn Jenner where a number of people continue to call her Bruce and other call her a mutilated man. We now have the likes of Barry Humphries who for years dressed in drag, making a mockery of the trans community for the sake of a caricature of a celebrity woman, laying into Jenner, agreeing with the hate speech that “he” is a mutilated man. I’m no fan of Jenner myself but it is her decision to transition and nobody has the right to say otherwise.

Further to the recent outpouring of hatred towards Jenner, I watched a TV show last night with Mary Portas on it. I can’t stand the woman, she is a failure and has wasted many tax payers pounds on failed government schemes to get us back to the high street. She does not deserve a place on my TV. As I was about to turn over, she was in a shop “helping” the owners get sales moving in the right direction. It was a dress shop which would have looked at home in the 80’s with really awful gaudy dresses. She asks the owner, “Are there any transvestites in the village, ‘cos you might be able to sell these dresses to them, but nobody else will buy them.”

Let that sink in.

So the trans community wear God awful clothes and can be used as the butt of jokes in her feeble minded opinion?

I’m getting sick of all the trans bashing going on these days.

Dirty Tranny Girl xxx